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TractorGuru is a portal that was started to simplify mechanization for farmers. It is a complete portal that allows farmers to buy new tractors, buy & sell used tractors, compare Tractor price, read all the latest news about tractors, apply for a tractor loan, tractor reviews and more.

In a country having around 140 million worth of operational landholding, the number of tractors available is less than 7 million. Even though a dream of every farmer is to own a tractor and become self-reliant, the higher costs and lack of finance along with a place to compare prices and read all the latest information about tractors was a huge hindrance to them.

This is where Manik Mital sensed a huge opportunity in creating a portal that simplifies mechanization through the use of the latest digital technology and analytics. With TractorGuru, any farmer can come to the site, compare prices, read reviews, and come to a decision quickly about the tractor that suits their requirements completely.

How it all started?

Manik Mital, Founder and CEO of TractorGuru, has more than 15 years of experience in the field of Ag and construction equipment and consulting. He has previously worked in John Deere tractor, a world leader in agricultural, construction and forestry machinery. During his stint in John Deere Singapore, Manik Mital held various positions in Manufacturing, Strategy, Marketing, and Sales. He was also one of the key members behind the formation of John Deere Dewas Works.

Manik Mital, Founder and CEO of TractorGuru
Manik Mital, Founder and CEO of TractorGuru

When he returned to India in 2016, he joined Mahindra and Mahindra and played a key role in the formation of TractorBaazi and was the brainchild behind setting up more than 35 used tractor outlets across India for Mahindra Tractor. Sensing the big opportunity and space for farm mechanization in this country that is worth more than $14 billion, Manik Mital started this portal to provide a free platform for farmers to buy and sell used tractors and compare prices, etc.

Obstacle Faced During Their Long Journey

Every entrepreneur will face some obstacles during their journey, and it is the failures that form as a stepping stone for their success. But Manik Mital had a lot of experience in this industry and hence was able to tackle all kinds of obstacles with ease.

Breakthroughs in Their Long Journey

Several instances could be termed as breakthroughs in their journey. In fact, even before the website was fully completed, they were approached by leading tractor brands for partnership. That made them realize the importance of a portal of this kind in the space and how much impact it could create among the farmers, dealers, and brands, etc.

Launched only in August 2019, the company is still fresh, and still, according to the founders, both success and failures still lie ahead of them, and they are ready and confident to face anything on their way.

This Mumbai-based startup brings farm mechanisation into the digital age

USP For Success

Every entrepreneur or startup will look to make a mark in the industry through a Unique Selling Point (USP). According to Manik Mital, the USP behind TractorGuru is simplifying the process of mechanization for farmers. The objective behind this startup is to enable customers to find the right farm machinery equipment that suits their requirements. Another highlight of this Agri tech startup is that the website and mobile application is completely free for customers. They believe that precise information regarding farming equipment should be made available to farmers 24×7. When it comes to monetization, they partner with brands and make money through premium listings and other services. Manik Mital says it is the transparency and trust in the process that has contributed a lot to the success of TractorGuru.

TractorGuru Market Results

Even though TractorGuru was started way back in 2013, the site went live only in August 2019. The website has been attracting more than 1.5 lakh visitors per month, and the first-year revenue is estimated to be 50 lakhs. The mobile application has seen more than 30K downloads.

Tractor Guru – Future Plans

According to Mani Mital, their aim is to become the preferred platform for Farm equipment in India, and they are slowly inching towards that goal.

Manik Mital also added that they have entered into Tractor Finance to help farmers easily compare loans and apply for a loan.

There are also some talks going on about implementing an Auctions platform for tractor dealers. They are also trying to test new ideas and concepts in the used tractors industry.

TractorGuru is currently bootstrapped and looking for potential investors to expand their used tractor offerings and investors who share their vision.