National | 22nd April 2020: With efforts to limit the spread of Coronavirus infection, an increased number of students are switching to online learning and this is the edtech industry’s chance to come together and help serve the masses. This has led to Edtech witnessing an uptick in interest from both parents and students. Toppr, India’s most adaptive and leading after school learning app has announced 100% growth in Free user engagement overall vs last month. Key data from student content consumption pattern on the platform reveals that growth in time spent on Toppr by students of senior classes (10-12) is double that of junior classes (6-9). Highest growth on Ask Doubts module has been seen with 50% growth in subscribers of Live Classes month on month and 30% growth in traffic even most of the school exams are over.

Commenting on the growth in enrollment figure, Mr. Zishaan Hayath, CEO & co-founder, said “We believe that this trend is here to stay. Online learning is on-demand, convenient and personalised. As parents and students across the country are trying online learning as a go to learning resources in these difficult times, they are also realising that it is a lot more powerful than an offline coaching class.”

Toppr has been built on about 3 million content pieces and powered with AI and Machine Learning on top of this that makes the app adaptive for every student. Video lessons for classes 5th to 12th, covering 22 school boards in India and 17 subjects are available in English and Hindi for free on They’ve been free and will remain free forever.