Hyderabad, January 10, 2018: At a national level community problem solving competition organised by Indo Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education IUCEE- Student Consortium for Advancement and Learning in Engineering Education at Tyagaraja college of Engineering held on 5-7 January ’18 in Madurai, a team of 6 students from SR Engineering College, Warangal received first position among different institutes of India for their​ automated​ ​toy maker ​innovation for rural toy makers.

Warangal Students Bags National Level Award for Designing Cost Effective Solution for Rural Toy Makers

The award was given to SREC students for developing a cost effective automated toy making machine that increases productivity four fold.The idea according to the judge was ingenious and had the ease of implementation. Awarding the trophy the jury said these 6 students had put in a lot of work into researching the problem and finding a potential solution to solve the problem.

Entrants at the student’s conference from 30 colleges across nation were asked to submit a solution to a specific problem or challenge. The participants visited nearby village and identified various problems, thereafter they have generated multiple ideas and finally came with a cost effective solution for toy makers.

Feeling proud after receiving the honour the students from SREC, Warangal EPICS team said “It was indeed a heart warming challenge and what gave us immense satisfaction is solving a problem.” The team of 6 students included Paul Vineeth reddy (4th year ece), K Enosh (3rd year Mech), S.Sirihasa, (3rd year cse), Md Imran Ahmad (3rd year mech) K.Sricharan (3rd year eee) and D Vinay (3rd year ECE).

Explaining their idea and innovation, the students added with a simple low cost automated machine developed by us the local toy makers were able to make 40 toys per day boosting their productivity from the conventional manual method that allow to produce a maximum of 10 toys.

Congratulating the student and their engineering innovation Principal of SREC said: “We are immensely proud of our EPICS team achievement in winning the innovation award. We hope the toy makers will find it very useful.”

The automated toy making machine will have a grinder, conveyor belt, rollers, block cutter, die punch and a furnace.

This idea stood the best among all the teams across India.