Women Cricket gets a Push through State Representations

Ayati Sadotra - Woman cricketer from Push Sports Academy
Ayati Sadotra - Woman cricketer from Push Sports Academy

New Delhi, 22 December 2022: Two budding women cricketers from Push Sports Academy has been chosen to represent the respective states of Jammu and Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh. Shubhi Sharma & Ayati Sadotra will be representing in the Under 19 Uttar Pradesh team and the Under 15 Jammu & Kashmir team respectively. Ayati has been chosen as the captain of the J&K team. The announcements came soon after two cricketers have been chosen for the Under 19 Delhi teams last month.

Shubhi Sharma- Woman cricketer from Push Sports Academy
Shubhi Sharma- Woman cricketer from Push Sports Academy

Puru Singh, Founder of Push Sports and former Delhi State Player said, “This is really a feather in the cap for Push Sports. We can proudly say that our coaching, advisory and treatment of players are perfectly gender neutral and we are in the right path of guiding our students to attain their dreams through Sports. We have always targeted to be the best, but this is the first time when the performance of our students has really proven our credentials.”

‘Push Sports’, the start-up focusing on ‘Sports Education’ with an aim to catalyze fitness through mind and body, has been working with budding women cricketers to bring in the much-needed gender parity in the arena of sports and cricket.

As Puru reiterated, “Push Sports essentially stands for Passionate Underdog Sports House and this announcement will give a firm push to the young girl athletes that are training with us. Societal pressure from family for higher studies or otherwise force them off the circuit many times, even though they are committed to the game. We sincerely hope these results will help others also to follow their passion.”

“It is a celebration of success at grassroot level. There are so many constraints for a sports career itself and further to it, the gender disparity within society. We are happy to showcase success and also built on the same. Push Sports intends to support the individual girls themselves who are challenging their own boundaries, all the way to success,” he added.

Incidentally, India Cricket scene is expected to change, specially from Women cricket perspective. With IPL about to announce a women chapter and Under19 world cup for women already underway, India should be ready with talents. The entire ecosystem in sports, led by Cricket is maturing towards gender parity which women athletics has never seen before. Push Sports is determined to establish a more equitable gender balance and increased levels of female engagement across all aspects of the sport. Even from strategic point of view, this is one of the best times for scouting women talent at grassroot level and nurturing them in cricket.

Founded in 2019, Push sports is a Delhi based Sports Education & Infrastructure start-up with a mission to catalyze fitness through sports especially focusing on the school going children in a bid to minimise screen time, provide opportunity for physical activity and balanced diet, so as to minimize health issues among children in a constructive manner.