Mumbai, 17th October 2019: For the first time in the Indian YouTube Space, a comedy channel performed a play before a live audience. FUNCHO, the YouTubers celebrated their achievement of reaching 1 million subscribers on their platform by meeting fans at B. N Vaidya Hall, Dadar East. Nearly 500 fans, from different walks of life and age groups rushed in to get a glimpse of their favourite YouTubers. Started in the year 2017 by two engineers – Shyam Sharma and Dhruv Shah – FUNCHO is loved for their hilarious and relatable content.

August 24 was the day when the YouTuber’s 1 millionth subscriber joined the  FUNCHO  family. Right then, the two young founders of FUNCHO knew that they had to thank their fans in a way like never before. It was then when they decided to do what they do best – make people laugh by performing live! After several long days and sleepless nights, Natak: The Drama came together. The audience poured in from several parts of Maharashtra and neighbouring states. The 45-minute play delighted everyone by taking them on a journey through heaven and hell. During the performance, the audience roiled with laughter at the incisive, witty, and relatable comedy unfolding before them.

Speaking about the live performance, Shyam and Dhruv, the founders of FUNCHO said“Reaching the 1 million marks is always a special moment and a tremendous achievement. It prompted us to give something back to the fans that have stood behind us and made this journey possible. Until this day, fans could only give reviews by writing comments on social media or by messaging us. But because we wanted a LIVE review, we performed in front of them which led to real-time reviews in the form of roaring laughter. Also, the meet and greet allowed us to know our fans personally. Talking about the experience, the hooting heard after every joke left us speechless. The smile on our fan’s faces and their overwhelming urge to come running and hug us was nothing but an expression of the love we have earned. Their feelings were pure and our bond with them just got stronger”.

The Meet & Greet was also a proud moment for NOFILTR Group, the company that understands the relationship between influencers and brands to strengthen each other. For them to see their own creators Live was a winning moment.

Speaking about the event, Sumedh Chaphaker, the CEO, NOFILTR Group  said,  FUNCHO is a terrific comedy channel for young people. It produces comedy that is relevant and relatable which is why it has garnered 1 million subscribers in a relatively short period. Because FUNCHO resonates with so many young people, it is an ideal influencer platform for reaching young, dynamic, and intelligent consumers. The fact that fans know how much they are loved by FUNCHO is another reason why the credibility of the comedy channel is nearly unparalleled”.

At the end of the event, Fans took home FUNCHO’s merchandise, selfies with their favorite YouTubers and a smile on their faces. With a promise to bring more of these events to the FUNCHO Family, Shyam and Dhruv are all geared up to continue to bring laughter into their fans’ lives by the means of their videos every Saturday and Live acts.