Zoomcar unveils #SheDrives, a campaign to facilitate women’s access to personal mobility through ZAP subscribe

New Delhi, March 7, 2019: Ahead of the International Women’s Day, the Bangalore-based self-drive car rental company, Zoomcar has launched a campaign to facilitate women’s access to personal mobility. Titled #SheDrives.

The campaign encourages more and more women drivers to hit the roads by helping them complete the entire spectrum of learning how to drive via their neighborhood licensed driving school and helping them own a car by subscribing to one.

Inviting women to conquer the roads, Zoomcar is providing 10 women with 3 months’ free car subscription from ZAP Subscribe.

And that’s not all! Those women who wish to subscribe to a car and have procured a driving license in the past 6 months can have their fee reimbursed from Zoomcar as well, simply by showing the receipt of the driving school.

Commenting on the novel campaign, Greg Moran, Co-Founder & CEO of Zoomcar said, “Women play a pivotal role in all aspects of socio-economic development. However, their access to personal mobility has always been challenged, thus limiting their growth and leading to several challenges. To the same end, on the occasion of the International Women’s day, we have launched the #SheDrives campaign to facilitate a woman’s access to personal mobility. The campaign will address two critical aspects of personal mobility for women, firstly, having a personal vehicle and secondly, the skill to drive. To the same end, we are not only providing free subscription to cars under ZAP Subscribe but also sponsoring the driving school fee for women drivers. Our motto is simple; #SheDrives her ambitions, #SheDrives motivation in the family, #SheDrives our world, to her mobility is the key!”

Zoomcar will handpick 10 women who would receive 3 months’ free subscription from ZAP Subscribe. They will only have to answer what difference will a car make in their life @ Zapsubscribe.com

Women with the most inspiring stories will take home their dream cars. Zoomcar, furthermore, is making the dream of learning to drive cars come true for women at large.