Navi Mumbai, India — Tapaswi Group Ventures, the company behind ZoomStart India, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with andCards, being the most popular coworking space management and marketing software in Korea. andCards Suite coworking space management solution includes booking system, membership payment system, customer CRM, community feed, and allows IoT integrations. andCards Spaces global coworking space marketplace hasover 1000 coworking spaces from 39 countries.

Tapaswi Group Ventures & andCards agreed to adopt andCards coworking space management solutions at Zoomstart, and other future projects of Tapaswi Group Ventures. andCards best-in-class coworking space software services will be introduced to partner spacesof Zoomstart in India, and beyond. It is Mumbai’s first premier collaborative coworking space, apart of co-working space network across India with more than 10,000 desks under management“This strategic partnership will not only allow us to strengthen our network of coworking spaces,bring efficiency and transparency there by adding more value, but also enables ZoomStart Indiato expand its footprints in the APAC Market” — said Tapaswi Patel, the Chairman andManaging Director of Tapaswi Group Ventures.

Dinesh Israni, the Chief Executive Officer of Tapaswi Group Ventures said “With the rise in the coworking spaces across the world this strategic partnership will add significant value to the coworking industry and enable bring more efficiency and collaboration thereby supporting the startup ecosystem as well”