Modern technologies, be it AI, machine learning, 5G, Internet of Things, or blockchain, are transforming our future. With the growing number of brands, there are coarsely two million mobile apps available for download on both the App Store and Google Play. Nowadays, people, especially millennials and generation Z, tend to get bored quite easily. Therefore, only something exciting and challenging can keep them constantly engaged.

To become the first screen app of the users, start-ups/brands need to build a user face that is interactive with an understanding of a few of the basic functions users want and expect can help start you off on the right foot. Gamification is a powerful tool to acquire, engage, and retain users. Startups have started using gamification features to engage their consumers and use their loyalty points through the win.

Momspresso is a user-generated content sharing platform in 10 Languages, its the app has a feature of Support Groups – India’s first anonymous social network for women which facilitates a safe environment for women to initiate conversations about lesser talked about topics such as single motherhood, sex & intimacy, depression and more in 6 languages – Hindi, English, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu. Momspresso’s Support Group has provoked over 350,000 conversations from around 90,000 members in the community.

DB Digital
DB Digital is India’s leading digital products startup (backed by the Dainik Bhaskar Group,) focused exclusively on building the best news products. Built for more than 500 million Indians who will be online on their mobile devices this year, DB Digital aims to be their trusted, go-to source for high-quality vernacular content delivered to them daily in the easiest to consume way, personalized for their specific needs, via its core product offerings – Dainik Bhaskar, Divya Bhaskar, and Divya Marathi. The three online news apps are aimed at adding value to the life of users by making them smarter every day by informing them about the latest local, national and global news and events that they care about, with high-quality analysis and insights in the easiest, most accessible, and seamless way possible.

Brainly is the world’s largest online learning platform, uniting over 150M students, parents, and teachers every month, with over 20M users from India alone. It offers its users help with their academic problems and free knowledge exchange between the learners and helpers. It takes students from ‘questioning’ to ‘understanding’ in a fun, interactive world that celebrates learning. With a unique peer-to-peer learning model, Brainly has in place a Q&A platform where students and parents can connect with subject experts as well as fellow learners to strengthen their skills from maths to science, history, and beyond.
As the 2nd largest job portal in India, has set several benchmarks in the recruitment industry for the use of technology. It leverages AI-based algorithms to efficiently match the right candidate/skillset with the right job profile, making the process of job discovery and application extremely easy and convenient for both recruiters and jobseekers. Candidates are shown only the most relevant job offers while recruiters can streamline and automate the shortlisting process. has also introduced face recognition and touch ID capabilities on its mobile app to allow users to seamlessly log in for future sessions without any hassle – even if they forget their passwords. The portal is currently working on leveraging data to train an AI model that can recommend jobs that match the stated and unstated needs of every user by understanding their preferences.

Confirmtkt’s app predicts confirmation chances for waitlisted trains/passengers and suggests alternative travel options in case the ticket is not available/on the waitlist. Catering primarily to budget travellers using smartphones, the app leverages advanced neural networks to accurately predict the status of waitlisted tickets and suggests alternate travel options to them in case of unavailability of direct connecting trains. It also provides an alternate route option for train commuters. The app currently supports seven regional languages—Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam and Bengali and has recently launched free cancellation feature on train bookings. On opting for this protection, users are entitled to get full refund at the time of cancellation without any questions asked. Users opting for the Free Cancellation Protection can cancel their train tickets 4 hours before the departure or until the chart preparation.