Looking at the success of online taxi booking businesses such as Uber, one can easily get motivated to start a taxi business similar to it. If you would like to discover how anyone can venture into an adventurous and rewarding business that deals in Uber-like taxi services, then you are in the right place!

A complete guide on how to start the Uber-like online taxi booking business

Wonders can happen only if someone dares to attempt different things and possesses the determination to hit the bull’s eye with a unique approach. You can find out here, all about the taxi business from an online perspective.

Thus, by the time you complete reading this, you will have a decent understanding of where and how to set up a Taxi booking software for the convenience of your potential customers. This is a complete guide to help you know and understand how to start a successful online taxi booking business much like Uber.

Plan your business: Putting up the right plan is very much essential to taste success in business. Thus, initially, it takes a considerable amount of time and effort to plan a proper strategy. You must give heed to the following questions and thoughts:

  • Conduct a survey to gather information about what are the pain points faced by the customers from the existing taxi business.
  • Analyze and list out what are the strength and weaknesses of your potential competitors. This will help you to devise an effective strategy.
  • Sort out the cities and towns where you are willing to provide the services. The place that you select should comprise a good amount of commuters who can afford taxi services comfortably.

Choose the business model: Taxi services can be implemented by following any of the two popular models which are listed below:

  • Aggregator Model

In this model, you tie up with taxi owners and drivers and share the profit earned on each taxi ride.

·        Ownership Model

Here, the franchisee buys the inventories and operates under its leadership.

Both of these models have their weight and the catch here is that online taxi booking appssuch as Uber follow the aggregator approach.

Taking the Aggregator route: Following the footsteps to make an App like Uber  could be enthralling and can indeed look like a safe game.

The first shot in this process demands you to prepare a list of vendors or taxi owners. Taking into factor the investments on various levels, fix a price chart along with commission percentages beforehand after you do rigorous research. If the place chosen by you is appropriate, then there shall be no dearth of cab drivers and the commuters.

The next step would require you to approach a Taxi booking App Development Company. The software could be built with ease in their presence as they have experience and sound knowledge of the relevant technologies. An elegant and powerful software is a must and should be good enough to attract new customers and while at the same time, should be able to retain the regular and existing commuters with the company.

How does Online Taxi Booking Business cherish?

If your Taxi booking software, can meet the below criterion, then there are very good chances of your business becoming the primary choice of the customers in the long run.

  • Fair and consistent pricing of taxi rides. Most users would be delighted to use a service that is transparent in the pricing and the way the service is offered. The software must be able to calculate the ride estimate efficiently by gauging the quicker and reliable route.
  • Quick and responsible: The software must respond quickly to the needs of the user and this will encourage the customers to publicize your business more through word of mouth.
  • The app must be as much user-friendly as possible and shall give a good and positive experience to both drivers and commuters. Your company can find profits only when the drivers and commuters, both are happy.
  • The features provided on the app/website shall be easy to use, simple to figure out (even to persons who are completely new to the digital era) and magnificent in behavior.
  • Excellent customer care service is a must. This can help the company to understand in detail about the customer requirements along with the driver’s expectations and experiences.
  • The app shall be available to all the smart devices and in the circumstances, where smartphones and tablets are inaccessible, alternatives shall be arranged. A fluidic and responsive website can garner a wide range of audiences.

Expected functionalities and features: There are few common functionalities and features that are expected from an online taxi booking software. Their performance would be able to proportionally predict your position in the market against the competitors.

  • Precise Map and Accurate Locations: A customer would be delighted only if he can book a cab through your app directly from his location accurately. At the same time, a cab driver would be finding it convenient only if he can figure out his rider’s location exactly. Alongside, a good map implementation with the help of GPS must be able to estimate a faster route.
  • Payment Gateway Integration: Your accepted method of payments shall comprise debit cards, e-wallets, credit cards, and internet banking. Customers are more likely to book again with you if the payment process is smooth, easy and universally acceptable.
  • Customer feedback after completion of every ride: After completion of every ride, it can be helpful if you can collect the customer’s feedback. This information can help you determine if the driver is earning you a good reputation, also it tells you about what more is the customer expecting from your taxi service.

Final Words: Alas, a business can boast of its success only if it manages to gain solid popularity. These days, where social platforms are ruling the market, it would be very wise to create an account for the company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Mushahid Khatri

You could go to further depth by allowing the customers and drivers to contact you regarding queries and report issues through WhatsApp. If you can pay heed to the aforementioned points, your business could go successfully in a long way.

Author – Bio: Mushahid Khatri is a solution consultant at Yelowsoft, one of the leading Taxi Booking app development company in 2017. It is known for developing Taxi dispatch software of unmatched quality. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with learned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.