New Delhi, Delhi, India | 6th March 2020: Keeping in view the immense potential and opportunities in the country, Association of Infrastructure Industry (India) organized their annual National Edition event – India Infrastucture Summit 2020.The rationale was to bring all the stakeholders of the Indian infrastructure domain together to discuss “Executable Intelligence” for fueling growth of infrastructure in the country today. The event saw a host of eminent experts and stakeholders participation in this Summit to brainstorm and exchange views relating to the India infrastructure. Key experts included Mr. Rajaneesh Dasgupta, Director General Association of Infrastructure Industry (India), Dr. P. R. Swarup, Director General, Construction Industry Development Council, Dr. Shailesh Kr. Agrawal Executive Director, Building Materials & Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC), Prof. Dr. P. S. N. Rao, Director, School of Planning and Architecture, Mr. Subrat Nath, Managing Director, TALGO and Mr. Sankey Prasad, Managing Director & Chairman, Colliers International India.

Importantly a joint sectoral report by Association of Infrastructure Industry (India) and Colliers International, titled ‘Transforming the Infrastructure Landscape: Role of real estate in shaping the roadmap for India’ was released. The report outlines the evolving infrastructure landscape in the country and how it will impact the real estate development given a favourable ecosystem with support from the government vis-a-vis conducive policies and infrastructure initiatives. The insightful and comprehensive report underlines the enhancement of transport and connectivity, in addition to exploring the nature of the rural-urban infrastructure gap and the major challenges arising due to this gap. The report shares ‘Executable Intelligence’ for industry stakeholders, along with some key suggestions and recommendations to stakeholders. Additionally, the report observes that after attaining a notable progress in the infrastructure development space in India in the last 5 years, challenges remain and there is still a lot that can be done for further infrastructure development across the country, with the government and industry stakeholders working towards this common goal. 

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Rajaneesh Dasgupta, Director General Association of Infrastructure Industry (India) said, “India is at the cusp of development. Hence through this highly interactive and vibrant platform, we are creating an inclusive and constructive approach to work towards sustainable growth and development of Indian Infrastructure. Partnering with Government, industry and civil society, the inclusive approach of India Infrastructure Summit aims at developing “Executable Intelligence that can truly act as a catalyst.”

According to Dr. P. R. Swarup Director General, Construction Industry Development Council, “As India marches ahead on its path of Infrastructure creation, the moot challenges of land, labour, capital and entrepreneurship undergo a paradigm shift. The increased headwinds, technological challenges and modern shift towards digitalization for enhancing throughput assume different meaning. Artificial Intelligence and how emerging technologies impact the unfolding Infra story are to be watched keenly and imbibed to achieve our objectives. I am sure the India Infrastructure Summit 2020 will definitely provide important inputs for delivering Executable Intelligence and enrich this domain.” 

Dr. Shailesh Kr. Agrawal Executive Director, BMTPC said, “As per the clarion call given by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India to establish New India by 2022, housing and infrastructure is going to play a pivotal role. It is time to introduce cutting edge technologies along with innovative policy interventions so as to ensure rapid growth, holistic sustainable development with better ease of living and inclusivity. At present the real estate sector is of the order of Rs. 8.5 trillion, contributing 7% to GDP, employing 55 million people and influencing more than 200 allied sectors. By 2040, it is presumed to be of the order of Rs. 46.2 trillion contributing 14% to GDP and employing 66 million people.”

The Association of Infrastructure Industry (India) have been doing commendable work by bringing out Report on Transforming The Infrastructure Landscape to be released in the forthcoming India Infrastructure Summit. The report is ensemble of progress made in different infrastructure sectors by India and puts forward the road ahead incomprehensible manner. I am pretty sure the report will greatly benefit all the stakeholders and go a long way in fulfilling the dream of our Government to become $5 trillion economy by the time we celebrate our 75th year of independence,” he added.

Remarking on the occasion, Prof. Dr. P. S .N. Rao, Director, School of Planning and Architecture, said, “In the global economic scenario, India is strategically poised in more ways than one – a huge population loaded with consumption demand, a substantial English speaking demography, the largest chunk of youth in the world – all these point towards a favourable economy, both for production and consumption. Most segments of Indian infrastructure, be they roads, railways, airways, sea ports, construction and real estate, industry, banking, IT and digital operations and many other areas, India is at the fore front. Keeping in tune with the changing times, transformations have been taking place in all these above mentioned areas in the recent past. These are business cycles and the current churn is not only inevitable but also necessary. Soon, we are going to see an upward trajectory of growth and overall development. The last mile push in terms of ‘ease of doing business‘, appropriate governance architecture and fiscal incentives need to be structured by the governments at both the centre and the states so as to unleash the potential of Bharat.”

According to Mr. Subrat Nath, Managing Director, India – TALGO, “India Infrastructure Summit 2020 National Edition is a platform to bring out implementable infrastructure development ideas. India under the present Government is going through a steady growth of Infrastructure which is back bone of Economical growth of any society. Government has delivered remarkable results in all sectors of infrastructure but still there is a way to go. Specially in Railway sector the stations, passenger trains and tracks need modernization. Both private and public companies must work in coordination to accelerate the growth which will bring best in the class infrastructure in optimum time. This will assure a steady growth year on year and  take our economy from 2.7 trillion to 5 trillion GDP.”

According to Mr. Sankey Prasad, Managing Director & Chairman, Colliers International India, “The government policies and initiatives related to economic corridors, transport infrastructure, smart cities development, Housing for All by 2022 have emphasized on upgrading infrastructure in this country. We see tremendous business potential for real estate sector in this scenario. The onus now lies on the real estate fraternity to take advantage of the conducive policy canvas and focus on realizing the sector’s growth potential.”