Mumbai, 30th October 2019: Of all the decisions people make in their lives, none is more important than deciding whom to marry. Unfortunately, too many people are eagerly hunting for an ideal partner without realizing they should first strive becoming one. Searching for a special someone is much more fruitful when one is more likely to be spotted as a special someone. And being spotted as a special someone is easy when one has been ingrained with suitable interpersonal skills and by cultivating mental maturity. Before deciding to get married, men and women need to evaluate whether they have the maturity and interpersonal skills necessary to be a good partner. 

Many jump headlong into marriage only because they feel enthralled by the idea of several days of extravagant wedding celebrations. They don’t pay heed to whether they are equipped to deal with the banal everyday demands of marriage. This is why divorce is more commonplace than ever before. 

To help young people discover whether they are ready for marriage and to help them become marriage ready, Coach Samira Gupta, a renowned life and relationship coach, is holding a 2-day workshop titled “Marriage Ready”. During the 2-day workshop, men, women, boys and girls will learn the tools and gain the tips needed to thrive in marriage and stay content, positive and happy. They will also learn how to acquire skills and habits that will make them ready for marriage. Participants will learn how to triumph over challenges that every married couple face. They will learn how to develop interpersonal skills that strengthen marriage and how to meet their partner’s needs and expectations. Participants will learn how to develop the mental maturity essential to make marriage a success and how to resolve conflicts and to emerge stronger from them. Participants attending the workshop learn inner image management to feel great and outer image management to look their best. The workshop will be held on the 9th and 10th of November from 10 am to 5 pm at the Hilton Garden Inn in Sector 50 Gurugram. 

Speaking about the Marriage Ready workshop Coach Samira Gupta said “It is important to be happy and live a meaningful life. People must not view marriage with trepidation nor harbor unrealistic fantasies of it. Like most things in life, being in an enriching marriage also demands preparation. While there is no surefire recipe for making every marriage a success, coaching gives people insights into whether they are truly ready to take the most important step in their life and if not, what they need to do to be ready. The Marriage Ready training helps people avoid the common pitfalls in marriage and enjoy a happy and prosperous future with their spouse”.