Bangalore, July 22, 2019: BridgeLabz Solutions LLP, one of India’s largest IP-driven incubation labs aimed at nurturing Engineering talent and ideas in the emerging technology space, has announced its expansion to Bangalore with the launch of its new centre. Located at HSR Layout, the centre is fully-functional with a seating capacity of 150 learners at a time, and is currently supported by 10 employees. However, with BridgeLabz’s unique hybrid learning approach, it will be able to accommodate 1000+ learners over the course of this year. This is in addition to the company’s existing capacity of 1000+ at the co-learning space in Mumbai.

Of 1.5 million engineers graduating every year in India, only a marginal 0.4 percent are deemed employable in the emerging tech category. With this in mind, BridgeLabz’s main focus is on bridging the skill gap through its ‘Maker Program’. The company does this by hiring engineering talent from top institutions and giving them hands-on experiential learning with a DIY approach, complemented with focused mentorship and continuous evaluation over the course of 4 months. This immersive training equips the talent for the demands of the industry with relevant, product-focused skill sets. Additionally, it caters to the specific needs of companies by tailoring the skills of the talent on a made-to-order basis.

The addition of the new centre in Bangalore is a strategic move for the organisation, as there is a high density of fresh engineering talent and an ideal environment for startups in and around the Tech. hub. This will help BridgeLabz tap into the large talent pool and bridge existing gaps in the skills and requirements from companies across the industry.

Speaking on the expansion to Bangalore, Narayan Mahadevan, Founder, BridgeLabz said, “The tech sector has always been booming in Bangalore. And, though we’ve always have had a large number of clients from the city, we hadn’t begun directly catering to the talent within the area. Now, with a fully operational learning space in the heart of Bangalore, we can also support the local talent by getting a large number of engineers on-board. We aim at nurturing this talent and fostering ideas in the emerging technology space through our Maker Program. With this, we hope to create a larger pool of professionals equipped with the right skills for the job, thereby enhancing the quality of the future workforce in the sector – something that is beneficial to both organisation and employee growth. We will continue to expand our operations in the future, in order to cater to a wider number of engineers across the country.”

Ever since its inception in 2016, BridgeLabz has made over 650 engineers employable to-date, having placed them within its network of 150+ leading partner-companies including Yatra, Capgemini and Urban Ladder, amongst others. The launch of the Bangalore centre is in-line with the company’s plans for rapid expansion. In the next 12 months, BridgeLabz plans to place 3000 engineers and expand its partner network to over 500 companies pan-India, with the aim to facilitate a strong and sustained talent-to-company pipeline.