Celebrated Artpreneur Michelle Poonawalla Presents at Sedition Art Exhibit in Lisbon

Michelle Poonawalla Brings Indian Art to the Global Spotlight at the Sedition Art Exhibit in Lisbon

Mumbai, India – June 13th, 2024 – Renowned artist, philanthropist, and industrialist Michelle Poonawalla unveiled her latest digital artwork at the Non-Fungible Conference (NFC) in Lisbon, drawing global attention to India’s dynamic contemporary art scene. This significant launch featured a collaboration with Sedition Art, a pioneering online gallery that presents digital artworks as limited-edition pieces. The event, held from May 28 to May 30, 2024, at the Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, showcased Michelle Poonawalla’s latest digital works curated by Sedition Director Rory Blain.

The NFC event in Lisbon transcended traditional art exhibitions, celebrating NFT culture through debates, talks, workshops, and experiences led by Web3 community leaders. While the focus was on NFTs, Sedition’s exhibit exclusively highlighted Michelle Poonawalla’s digital art, emphasizing the fusion of traditional artistry with advanced digital technology.

Ms. Poonawalla presented her latest works, including “The Heart In the Blue Skies,” symbolizing a collective hope for a brighter future, and “The Balloon Dreamer,” which enchanted audiences with its vibrant visuals and whimsical portrayal of dreams taking flight. This exhibition marks a significant milestone in her illustrious career, further establishing her as a leading figure in digital art both in India and internationally.

“Art has always bridged cultures and fostered understanding across generations. My work builds on this legacy, connecting tradition with innovation. I invite viewers on a journey of exploration and reflection, inspiring future generations to continue this dialogue,” said Michelle Poonawalla, Managing Director of Poonawalla Engineering Group.

Rory Blain, Director of Sedition Art, has a long-standing international association with Ms. Poonawalla. Founded in 2011, Sedition Art has revolutionized the art market by offering a platform for collecting and trading digital art, featuring artists like Damien Hirst, Beeple, and Tracey Emin. Through their subscription service, Art Stream, collectors can access the entire digital artwork catalog and curate personalized playlists.

Michelle Poonawalla’s work reflects her experiences between India and the UK. A Shiromani awardee for Art, her unique style blends traditional painting techniques with experimental digital technology, such as video mapping and motion sensors, creating immersive, interactive experiences. Her piece “Introspection” was featured at the START Art Fair at the prestigious Saatchi Gallery in London, offering an all-consuming sensorium that pushes audiences into deep reflection and awe.

Expressing his excitement about the collaboration, Rory Blain stated, “I have had the pleasure of knowing Michelle and showcasing her work on Sedition for several years. Michelle is always a pleasure to work with, creatively exciting, and exquisitely courteous.”

Michelle Poonawalla’s participation in this prestigious event marks a pivotal moment for Indian contemporary art on the global stage, highlighting the country’s innovative contributions to the evolving digital art landscape. As digital and traditional art forms continue to merge, Poonawalla’s work exemplifies the limitless possibilities of artistic expression in the digital age.

About Michelle Poonawalla:

Michelle Poonawalla is a renowned artist, philanthropist, and industrialist known for merging traditional painting with digital technology. Her work has been exhibited internationally, pushing the boundaries of contemporary art through immersive, interactive installations. As Managing Director of the Poonawalla Group of Companies, she is one of the few successful industrialists in India deeply connected to her artistic side.

For more information on the exhibit and to explore Michelle Poonawalla’s work, visit Sedition Art and the Non-Fungible Conference.