ZELIO Ebikes Launches X Men Low-Speed Electric Scooters: Stylish, Efficient, Affordable

ZELIO Ebikes Launches Affordable X Men Low-Speed Electric Scooter in Five Variants
  • The X Men scooters feature a robust 60/72V BLDC motor that consumes only 1.5 units of electricity per charge, ensuring efficient performance.

June 13, 2024: ZELIO Ebikes unveiled its latest addition to the electric vehicle market with the launch of the X Men low-speed electric scooter series. This innovative lineup introduces five distinct variants priced from INR 64,543 to INR 87,573 ex-showroom, targeting school students, college commuters, and office goers seeking lightweight and efficient urban mobility solutions.

Each X Men scooter features a robust 60/72V BLDC motor, ensuring energy efficiency at just 1.5 units per charge. Despite a light gross weight of 80 kg, these scooters support a substantial loading capacity of 180 kg. The variants cater to diverse needs with different battery configurations. The entry-level model offers a 60V/32AH lead-acid battery, delivering a range of 55-60 km, charging in 7-8 hours. The mid-range variant, equipped with a 72V/32AH lead-acid battery, extends the range to 70 km, with a charging time of 7-9 hours. The top-tier model features a 60V/32AH lithium-ion battery, priced at INR 87,573, offering an impressive 80 km range and a reduced charging time of just 4 hours.

Designed for convenience and safety, the X Men scooters include features such as an anti-theft alarm, front disk brakes, rear drum brakes, alloy wheels, and hydraulic shock absorbers. Additional amenities comprise a reverse gear, parking switch, auto repair switch, USB charger, digital display, and central locking, enhancing user experience. Available in vibrant colours like black, white, sea green, and red, these scooters blend sporty aesthetics with reliability and sustainability.

Mr. Kunal Arya, Co-Founder and Managing Director of ZELIO Ebikes, commented, “The X Men series represents our dedication to crafting superior electric vehicles for the modern rider. We anticipate strong demand for these models, given their stylish design and advanced features tailored to urban commuting. This launch underscores our commitment to innovation and sustainability in the electric mobility sector.”

The introduction of the X Men series follows the successful debut of the GRACY series, including GRACYi, GRACY Pro, and GRACY+ models. ZELIO Ebikes recently inaugurated a cutting-edge manufacturing unit in Ladwa, Hisar, Haryana, with an annual production capacity of 1,50,000 vehicles per shift, reinforcing their commitment to meeting the rising demand for electric two-wheelers.