ClashHacks is a collaboration of developers, designers, innovators and problem solvers who intend to learn, build and develop. It is an effort to create a student based developer community that could create products to eradicate various prevailing problems in the society.

After all, tiny acts when multiplied by millions of people can change the world.

ClashHacks 2.3 – One Day. Three Venues. 600+ Participants

ClashHacks 2.3 powered by HackSociety in collaboration with Certination is a trio of technology driven extravaganza happening all over Delhi – NCR on this 1st of July. This is an unprecedented effort for the developer community of India.

Clashhacks 2.3 - India's First Students-run, Independent & Decentralised Intra-city Hackathon

This is the first students-run, independent, decentralized intra-city hackathon happening in Delhi. Hence, developers from all over Delhi can be targeted by companies if they decide to become our partners. Hackers from all over the nation would be here, attending the event making it one of the most popular and eye-catching technological carnival of the nation.

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