A rigid work façade is a thing of the past. A growing number of companies, especially start-ups, are taking the coworking route which is turning out to be the perfect alternative to working-from-home or even setting up new offices for young teams when you wish to expand in multiple locations. The benefits are numerous, and early on, the decision to work with strangers in the same space may seem intimidating, to say the least. However, the truth of the matter is that the financial and the psychological impact that a vibrant professional community can offer is limitless.

Space with perks built in
Coworking spaces provide users with an efficient space to work out of. Most coworking spaces come with a variety of perks that make them comfortable, convenient and facilitate work-life balance. Some standard perks that most coworking spaces provide include –

  1. Desk space or private offices
  2. Concierge support
  3. Flexible working hours, around the clock
  4. Most spaces are conveniently located so that client meetings are easily attended, shopping and gym are taken care of and conveyance is readily available.
  5. Conference rooms and smaller meeting rooms for professional needs.
  6. Mail sorting and delivery management.
  7. Wireless internet access and landline phones.
  8. Most offer a gym or fitness centre
  9. A cafeteria looks after your hunger pangs.
  10. Many upscale coworking spaces have a built in café where you can relax after work.

You are the person who decides when to work and can build a work-life balance that suits your work pattern. You can opt for desk space or a larger private office as per your requirements but still have access to all the facilities the coworking space has to offer.

Sense of Community
The isolation of working from home is not for everyone. There can emerge a sense of disconnection from the rest of the world. Also, pressures at home may distract you from giving a hundred percent to your work. At a community space, you work alongside a multitude of people and can decide whom you want to interact with. The atmosphere is electric and vibrant.

Coworking gives you a fair chance to network, swap ideas, and surround yourself with professionals who are like-minded, ambitious, and goal-oriented. There are many startups who have benefitted from this community as networking has helped pooled ideas and resources to scale faster.

A significant boost in creativity and productivity
Working alone takes some getting used to. There is no exchange of ideas, and you may face difficulty in being able to motivate yourself to start work each morning. The social and open ambience at a coworking space can be a significant boost to your creativity and productivity.

The distractions of home and the very human tendency to procrastinate can mean low productivity and motivation. Being surrounded by dedicated professionals makes the office space buzz with vitality. Connectivity and social networking can be the difference between a sluggish work environment and a buzzing free flowing cauldron of ideas. Creativity gets an impetus when there is a community that creates healthy competition and fair exchange of ideas.

A coworking space also provides ample opportunity for you to learn a new skill set and a new mindset. Inspiring coworkers may help clear roadblocks at work and get ideas flowing again. Leaving behind your comfort zone to work in a shared space often proves to re-energize you. It could be the spark that helps you scale as a company.

The ideation behind a coworking space is to create an environment where like-minded businesses get to exchange concepts, resources, and sometimes even collaborate to create synergy and scale. There is a palpable increase in energy and motivation that leads to a significant boost in productivity. Healthy competition is the biggest motivator.

The impact of diversity on community and workplace balance
Studies show that the company that celebrates diversity and inclusivity is the company that grows and enjoys success. The Human Resources teams in most large corporates seek an inclusive environment where gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, class and race have no impact on the work environment. There is a proven track record of better results in companies that embrace a diverse and inclusive work environment.

The social and professional fronts both find a positive influence at a coworking space. The natural confluence of unity in diversity creates a work ambience that is sensitive and accepting. This creates a common denominator for the minority segments, and they too, tend to thrive in the inclusive environment.

The lower cost structure, the after-work facilities provided, and the shared utilities lead to an atmosphere that is harmonious and growth-oriented.

Coworking as a trend that is slated to show phenomenal growth in the next decade. It may be the perfect nest for the success of the fledgling businesses that like to take a less trodden but successful path.

An article by: Mr. Mishu Ahluwalia, Founder & CEO, GoHive.

Mishu Ahluwalia, Founder & CEO, GoHive
Mishu Ahluwalia, Founder & CEO, GoHive