10th April, 2018- The country is riding on a new wave of Startup culture. Stories of successful startups and funding have been brushing the shores for quite a while now. Riding on the same wave is news of a progressive start up being funded by none other than Delhi Government Initiative. The route for this was opened by Startup India Program, an initiative promoted to nurture young startups. Delhi Government had as per the “Industry-Academia Partnership and Incubation” program set an initial investment of Rs.100 crores. The aim of this was to provide potential startups with all a financial backing to help them in their operations. It was as part of this project that Creating Talks, a startup by an enthusiastic group of recent graduates, got their funding. The funding hand for Creating Talks was AIACTR Incubation and Research Foundation, supported by Ambedkar Institute of Advanced Communication Technologies & Research, Govt. of NCT of Delhi.


Creating Talks is one of the very few startups who has shined through the initial assessment and screening process that was a criterion for receiving the funding. Eklovey Verma, Founder is the main vision behind Creating Talks. He along with the team members Abhishek Khanna, Tanmay Kandpal, Shivam Dehinwal, Rishabh Kumar, Sarthak Mittal says that “The whole process of drafting a proposal and making a practical workable model to convince the funding panel was nothing less than to a battlefield but at the same time, in the process taught the team, a lot about running and executing startup idea in its full light”. He further explains his startup as a platform that would pave way for millions to come out and share their journeys. The startup has been formed with the vision of wrapping the country in one cloth and where communications can flow smoothly. They plan to take the existing market of talks, seminars and conferences to its zenith with the help of innovative and tangible technological advancements.

Tanmay Kandpal CEO, Creating Talks
Tanmay Kandpal CEO, Creating Talks

The startup already has two successful events under its kitty conducted none other than in IIT Delhi and Delhi Technological University, two of Country’s most reputed engineering colleges. On the added leverage of financial support from Delhi Government for their startup, Tanmay Kandpal, CEO of Creating Talks says that “The financial aid gives them the space to focus more on their work and worry less about generating revenue.“The funding has given them the wings that they were looking for in order to expand themselves pan India. The team in unison reacts to the funding by saying that “To get a strong support at the initial stage gives us not only strength but an assurance that we are right in dreaming and believing in them”

Startups rely on powerful support and incubation centers at various colleges in Delhi is a huge step by Delhi Government to make sure that young minds are reaped in to build their dreams and contributing to the society. It seems that the vision of Startup India is finally getting its colors through the examples of these young ones whose dreams are getting fulfilled by incubation centers like AIACTR-IRF. Times are changings and so is the way how the society function. Let’s hope that such stories will be more in abundance and giving hope to millions of young minds out there.

Creating Talks – Company Overview
Creating Talks LogoCreating Talks had its foundation stone laid recently to build a platform that could give voice to millions. The vision behind this Platform was to echo the workings and concerns of our rapidly changing society. It would hand over its stage to any of the Public Figure or common man who has a story to tell. Through the medium they can impart their journey, their knowledge, their point of views to the right kind of audience using both offline and online mode. This is what makes creating talks different from their contemporaries. While others focus on creating physical stage for certain set of audience and speakers, Creating Talks would be focusing on an entire audience that live by online medium.

The founders of Creating Talks had the sole motive of setting an arena, out of the boundaries of ordinary talks which will provide audience an extraordinary experience. The sessions would be entertaining, motivational and learning experience. The offline talk series would have speakers who have excelled in their respective fields and provide in-depth knowledge and experience sharing their insights to the audience of Creating Talks. These knowledge and experience would help the audience to get motivated and gain necessary knowledge which can applied in their life and excel. There will be exclusive online content that will help motivate millions of audience all year round.

Creating talks would be functioning on two level. Conducting City Based Open Events on one hand and exclusive brand based events led by prestigious colleges of the country. Under the banner of creating talks, technology rich events like seminars, conferences, digital meets and conclaves would be created both through exclusive invited entries and open sessions. All of these events would be focused on creating Engagement specific sessions for its audience.

The company already has two successful events under its banner which saw a huge turn of audience. Both these events were appreciated by the venue colleges for its ability to provide content driven sessions to its audience. Their first event was conducted back in January 2017 at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and which was represented and attended by prominent figures from the emerging field of block chain industry and Paytm.

The Second event was organized back in February 2017 at Delhi Technological University and attended by young emerging entrepreneurs and successful session by acclaimed comedian and actor, Gaurav Gera.

The company who has recently received its funding from Delhi government is planning its next league of events that will cater to all major cities of the country.

Eklovey Verma – Founder, Creating Talks

Eklovey Verma, Founder, Creating Talks
Eklovey Verma, Founder, Creating Talks

Eklovey Verma’s journey with team leadership and mentorship had started very early on while he was still in the first year of his engineering course at Delhi Technological University (DTU). He was the brainchild behind the establishment of now popular, “SOCIETY OF ROBOTICS“ at Delhi Technological University. Apart from the operations of Society of Robotics, he was also the Student Advisor who had successfully managed to get his team win major Indian and international Robotics based competitions through his team, ALTAIR. At the early stage of career, he had worked with NTPC and ITC and there he extended his network and skills. Later on he joined What After College as their Media Strategist where he is leading the media activities of the company.

His vision for Creating Talks came from his media interactions as a media strategist with What After College. He saw the potential for a market that can attract audience for quality and content driven session for both younger audiences at college levels and connoisseurs of various fields.

With the recently received funding for his company, he plans to create wider platform for Creating Talks and targeting audiences of all the major and minor cities of the country.