December 2, 2019: Jaipur, Rajasthan: Any community across the world is recognised by its religion, culture and beliefs. And it’s a no-brainer that food by default is an integral part of this culture. Rajasthan holds a special place in the food and beverage sector, considering its popularity as a tourist destination along with offering a unique experience for food lovers through its special cuisines.

Arrival of new food culture couldn’t beat the immense love for deep fried Daal and Pyaz Kachoris among the Jaipurites but it is also true that people can’t deprive themselves from new offerings and experience by the pink city’s virant 1st generation entrepreneurs. With indoor, outdoor and roof-top sittings, soothing music, pleasant vibes, and wholesome menu of snacks, sandwiches, pasta, exotic shakes, thin crust pizzas, splendid breakfast, free flowing wine and beer, cafés hold the potential to satiate hunger pangs that would help in getting visitor’s mojo back.

India’s cafe and food culture is flourishing day by day and shows strong signs of rapid evolution over the next few years, as youngsters are now getting more and more engrossed and hooked onto this new way of dining out. A popular hang-out destination, cafés are now offering comforting and neutral ground to address local population demands to get engaged for social interaction, relaxation, business talks and more often alone with their laptop. Holding a special place in the F&B sector, Jaipur cafés are offering finest international and local cuisine with many instagram-worthy interiors and breathtaking ambience that complements a unique experience for food lovers.

Not only in special cuisines and good ambience, whether we talk of offering varieties of healthy food or turning a terrace into thriving farm or in-restaurant online ordering and checkout or robot serving customers in restaurants, Jaipur startups are booming. And apart from tech disruptions, food-on-wheel business is also picking up quickly in the city. Driven by change in lifestyle, adaptation of new cultures, awareness about global trends, keenness about experimentation, and being a major tourist destination, pink city’s new-age entrepreneurs are making and doing things differently to make a mark.

While the F&B sector holds a lot of competition and day-to-day challenges, raising capital for such a business may not be the most daunting task for this ever growing market, especially in a tourist destination like Jaipur. But some of the critical factors required to assess and analyse the market opportunity for a sustainable business are providing a unique and memorable experience, high accessibility and customer relations.

Undoubtedly, technology plays a vital role in accomplishing all these goals, as it creates a “digital thread” in the entire value chain of serving customers. Through cloud services, end-to-end connectivity with customers can be established that enhances accessibility to consumer’s preferences and helps to serve them more efficiently and profitably. With a growing CAGR and residing in a tech-enabled heritage city, it’s truly a great opportunity for entrepreneurs in Jaipur to explore a good business in F&B sector.

The burgeoning cafe culture in Jaipur adds a strong impetus to the food and beverage sector’s business opportunities that startups and entrepreneurs can explore through designing products and services to serve this ever-growing market. 

But, what does it take to design a unique F&B experience for a customer, given that the sector is highly competitive with ample options? How does technology play a role in ensuring accessibility to great F&B options? And finally, what are the critical factors that need to be assessed for building a good sustainable F&B business in Jaipur?

With this focused agenda in mind, Startup Grind Jaipur is proud to host ‘Deconstructing the F&B Business – One Slice at a time‘, a focused session with Dushyant Singh, Jaipur’s successful and popular 1st generation entrepreneur who founded the famous On The House (OTH) Bristos and Bakers, and the Rustic Restaurant.

This session is especially designed to educate, inspire and connect startups, entrepreneurs and individuals who wish to explore F&B sector as a business opportunity. The session attendees will learn about:

  1. Dushyant Singh’s entrepreneurial journey and vision for the F&B business
  2. Conducting a SWOT Analysis of Jaipur’s F&B sector for startups and entrepreneurs
  3. Special Focus on:
  4. Building a sustainable and viable F&B business
  5. Role of Technology Solutions in powering the F&B business
  6. Design a F&B business with emphasis on experience and quality  

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