NEW DELHI | 10th September 2020: “Global Cancer Generics Market, Drug Dosage, Price & Opportunity Insight 2026” Report Highlights:

  • Global Cancer Generics Market Trend Analysis
  • Global Cancer Generics Market Opportunity: > USD 55 Billion By 2026
  • Global Generics Market Growth 2018-2026: > 130%
  • Global Cancer Generics Market Growth 2018-2026: 200%
  • Reimbursement Policies & the Coverage Strategies By Countries
  • Cancer Generic Drugs Availability, Dosage & Price Analysis By Segment
  • Comprehensive Insight On Cancer Generics Drugs: 43 Generics

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Amid the growth in terms of revenue and size that pharmaceutical market is experiencing a significant contribution is laid down by the arrival of cancer generic drugs in the market. Its arrival in the cancer therapeutics market has led to the overall growth in the pharmaceutical oncology market as well as a substantial development of the five-year survival rates among the cancer patients, as since its approval, the consumption rate of the cancer drugs has increased significantly. Cancer generics has helped in advancing the medical services and improve the quality of life of the patients who were devoid of any treatment due to the high cost of available treatment facilities such as branded version of chemotherapeutics or immune drugs.

The market is also responsible for upending the traditional forms of the cancer treatments and the engaged process of pricing about the different cancer therapies available. No doubt, that the market was tough to accept by the major key players in the industry but its arrival in the market has increased the competitive landscape and the cancer space to capitalize more favorable parameters that are inclined towards benefits of the patients and not only for the growth of the pharmaceutical companies. The space created by generic availability for the cancer patients opened up novel avenues for the growing relationship between the patient and the doctor as the expectation for a healthy post-treatment life increased substantially after having a market in the industry that aims at maximizing the benefits of the patients by providing better reach to the drugs having same effectiveness as the branded cancer drugs.

Worldwide, the cancer oriented pharmaceutical companies are actively engaging themselves in the race of developing generic drugs in order to gain maximum benefits on both the sides of the industry i.e. to the stakeholders and the patients. In the terms of benefits, the government and the regulatory bodies all over the world are also favoring the consumption of generics drugs as they are on the urge to end the long patent protection to short time period for branded cancer drugs and make the generic version of the same drug available to the patients as early as possible. With the debate of generic benefits over branded drugs, the companies, stakeholders and the patients have been favoring the evolving landscape associated with the generic drug market.

As per “Global Cancer Generics Market, Drug Dosage, Price & Opportunity Insight 2026” report, it is observed that the convergence that the market has observed from branded cancer drugs to generic cancer drugs is becoming very prominent and fulfilling in terms of trends and opportunities. With such beneficial advancement in the pharmaceutical sector, it is believed that the market has the ability to offer real cures and commence the growing demand of therapies that are affordable, economically convenient and viable. Also, the increasing generic competition in the market has also shifted the market to cover the largest space of pharmaceutical i.e. primary-care space due to high-price of the branded drugs. It is estimated that the growing cancer generics market will provide numerous growth opportunities to the stakeholders as well as the healthcare customers.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Cancer Generics

  1.1   Overview

  1.2   The Growing Need for Cancer Generics over Branded Drugs

    1.2.1  Reduced Developmental Cost Leading to Cost-Efficient Cancer Generics

    1.2.2  Reduced Timeline Leading to Cost-Efficient Cancer Generics Development

    1.2.3  Cancer Generics Representing Same Effectiveness as of Branded Drugs

2. Global Cancer Generics Market Trend Analysis

  2.1   Overview

  2.2   Current Market Scenario

  2.3   Cancer Generics Market Future Outlook

3. US – Current Market Status of Cancer Generics

  3.1   Significant Facts & Figures Prevailing Cancer Generics Market

  3.2   US Cancer Generics Market Trends & Opportunities

    3.2.1  Guidelines, Policies & Procedures by the FDA for the US Market

4. Japan – Current Cancer Generics Market Insight

  4.1   Factors Propelling the Growth of Cancer Generics in Japan

  4.2   Trends & Opportunities of Cancer Generics Market in Japan

    4.2.1  Cancer Generic Drugs Prescription & Dispensing

5. Europe – Key Asset to Cancer Generics Market Progression

  5.1   Evaluation of Facts Associated with Cancer Generics Growth

  5.2   Cancer Generics Market Current Trends & Opportunities

    5.2.1  Europe Government Regulations for Cancer Generics Market Progress

    5.2.2  Germany – Current Cancer Generics Market Trends & Opportunities

    5.2.3  France – Current Cancer Generics Market Trends & Opportunity

    5.2.4  UK – Current Cancer Generics Market Trends & Opportunities

    5.2.5  Belgium – Current Cancer Generics Market Trends & Opportunities

    5.2.6  Others – Current Cancer Generics Market Trends & Opportunities

6. China – As a Emerged Cancer Generic Market in Asia

  6.1   Simulating Facts & Figures for Chinese Cancer Generics Market

  6.2   Trends & Opportunities Linked with China’s Cancer Generics Market

    6.2.1  Laws & Regulating Supporting Cancer Generics Market in China

7. India – A Major Contributor to the Global Generics Market

  7.1   Fact Sheets Related to Cancer Generics Growth in India

  7.2   Trends & Opportunities for India’s Cancer Generics Market

    7.2.1  Guidelines & Laws for Implementing Generic Drugs in India

8. South Korea – Cancer Generics Market Current Insight

  8.1   Cancer Generics Drug Market Expansion Facts & Figures

  8.2   Provoking Trends & Opportunities for South Korean Cancer Generics Market

9.      Russia – Cancer Generics Market Scenario

  9.1   Facts Encouraging the Current Market Situation in Russia

  9.2   Trends & Opportunities Followed by Russian Cancer Generics Market

    9.2.1  Rules & Regulations Boosting the Current Market of Cancer Generics

10. Reimbursement Policies & the Coverage Strategies

  10.1 US

  10.2 Europe

  10.3 India

  10.4 Japan

  10.5  China

  10.6  Russia

11. Price Analysis for Branded Drugs VS Generic Drugs

12. Breast Cancer Generic Drugs – Availability, Dosage & Price Analysis

  12.1 Letrozole

  12.2  Anastrazole

  12.3 Exemestane

  12.4 Epirubicine

  12.5    Toremifene

  12.6 Fulvestrant

  12.7    Megestrol

13. Colorectal Cancer Generic Drugs – Availability, Dosage & Price Analysis

  13.1 Irinotecan

  13.2  Oxaliplatin

14. Leukemia Generic Drugs – Availability, Dosage & Price Analysis

  14.1  Clofarabin

  14.2  Imatinib

  14.3  Mercaptopurine

  14.4 Idarubicin

  14.5  Daunorubicin

  14.6  Cytarabin

15. Prostate Cancer Generic Drugs – Availability, Dosage & Price Analysis

  15.1  Abiraterone

  15.2 Bicalutamide

  15.3 Nilutamide

  15.4  Flutamide

16. Skin Cancer Generic Drugs – Availability, Dosage & Price Analysis

  16.1  Imiquimod Topical Cream

  16.2  Fluorouracil Topical

17. Lung Cancer Generic Drugs – Availability, Dosage & Price Analysis

  17.1 Vinorelbine

18. Brain Tumor Generic Drugs – Availability, Dosage & Price Analysis

  18.1 Temozolomide

19. Renal Cell Carcinoma Generic Drug – Availability, Dosage & Price Analysis

  19.1 Temsirolimus

20. Generic Drugs for Multiple Cancers – Availability, Dosage & Price Analysis

  20.1 Erlotinib

  20.2 Dactinomycin

  20.3  Ifosfamide

  20.4  Romidepsin

  20.5  Everolimus

  20.6  Capecitabine

  20.7  Gemcitabine

  20.8  Paclitaxel

  20.9  Fluorouracil

  20.10  Docetaxel

  20.11  Methotrexate

  20.12  Cyclophosphamide

  20.13  Vincristine

  20.14  Etoposide

  20.15  Mitoxantrone

  20.16  Carmustine

  20.17  Dacarbazine

  20.18  Mitomycin

  20.19  Bleomycin

21.    Global Cancer Generics Market Dynamics

  21.1 Factors Favoring the Growth of Cancer Generics Market

  21.2   Factors Restraining the Growth of Cancer Generics Market

 22.   Compititive Landscape

  22.1  Teva Pharmaceuticals

  22.2  Accord Healthcare

  22.3  Amneal Pharmaceuticals

  22.4   Mylan

  22.5  Dr. Reddy Laboratories

  22.6  Bedford Pharma

  22.7   Hikma

  22.8   Cipla

  22.9  Shilpa Medicare

  22.10  Fresenius Kabi

  22.11  Zydus Pharmaceuticals

  22.12  Neopharm

  22.13  Netco

  22.14   Mayne Pharma

  22.15   Alvogen

  22.16  Glenmark

  22.17  HBT Labs

  22.18  Gland

  22.19   Qilu Pharmaceuticals

  22.20   Akorn Pharmaceuticals

  22.21   MSN Group

  22.22  Wockhardt

  22.23  Rising Pharma

  22.24   Apotex

  22.25   Taro Pharmaceuticals

  22.26   Sun Pharma

  22.27   Alkem Laboratories

  22.28   Endo Pharma

  22.29  Pfizer (Hospira)