NEW DELHI | 10th September 2020: “Global Transdermal Patch Market, Dosage, Price & Clinical Trials Insight 2026”

Report Highlights:

  • Global Transdermal Patch Market Forecast: > US$ 18 Billion by 2026
  • Number of Transdermal Patch in Clinical Pipeline: 100 Patches In Trials
  • Comprehensive Clinical Insight on 66 Commercially Available Transdermal Patches
  • Global Transdermal Patch Clinical Trials Insight by Company, Drug Class, Indication & Patent Information
  • Regional Trends & Market Insight: US, Europe & Asia-Pacific
  • Dosage & Price Insight on Transdermal Patch
  • Global Transdermal Patch Market Future Prospects
  • 350 Page Analysis On All Aspects Related To Market

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The transdermal patch market is associated with the development of a medicated patch that can get placed on the skin for the delivery of specific dose of drug or medication through the skin into the bloodstream of the patient. Further, this mode of treatment provides and promotes healing to the injured area of the body. There are several advantages that are associated with the transdermal drug delivery route over oral or intravenous mode of delivery is that it provides controlled release mode of medication to the patient, generally through body heat.

At the present scenario, transdermal patch of drug is considered as one of the most promising methods of drug delivery application. It has been only few years since the arrival of this mode of delivery for the drugs but the market has been experiencing increasing number of drugs being added to the list of therapeutic drugs that can get delivered through patches into the systemic circulation. Transdermal patch market is providing numerous other advantages too that is however making this drug delivery choice a preferable one. Among all, the most important advantage associated with the market is that it avoids the first-pass metabolism by the liver, which is apparently a big reason for the failure of most of the conventional dosage forms of injections and tablets.

The exposure of the drug at pre-defined rate in the body with respect to the disease condition is able to completely transform the landscape the transdermal patch market and dominate all the other topical and subcutaneous market. The non-invasive delivery of the drug via attractive proposition administered equal and even better application of the drugs inside the body, leading to complete eradication of the diseased cells. All these indicates at the opportunity that the market is providing to expand to product line extensions for novel drugs that will be entering the market. The complete research and development sector is poised towards tapping the hidden potential applications of the market and molding it to a huge and potent deliverable for the patient population.

As per the “Global Transdermal Patch Market, Dosage, Price & Clinical Trials Insight 2026” report findings for Transdermal patch market, it is estimated that the arrival of drug patches for the patients has helped the researchers, physicians and the clinicians to transform the unstructured healthcare forum into a structured one by helping the researchers to more concentrate on the controlled release of the drug inside the body leading to less chance of developing severe side effects. From a very long period of time, the researchers have been extracting the benefits of transdermal patches over the other drugs and with time, the real implications of transdermal patches got extracting, leading to make the market as one of the dominating mode of drug delivery. The development of transdermal patch in the therapeutics sector is estimated to play quite pivotal role in improving the patient quality of life to much extent.

Table of Contents

1. Prologue to Transdermal Patch

  1.1 Overview of Transdermal Patch

  1.2 Relevance of Transdermal Patch

2. Types of Transdermal Patches

  2.1 Single/ Multiple-Layer Drug-in-Adhesive

  2.2 Reservoir Transdermal Patches

  2.3 Matrix Based Transdermal Patches

  2.4 Vapor Patch

  2.5 Active and Passive Patch

3. Mechanism of Transdermal Patch Drug Delivery

  3.1 Properties of Transdermal Therapeutics

  3.2 Components of Transdermal Patch

  3.3 Mechanism of Motion Sickness, Nicotine & Female Contraceptive Transdermal Patch

  3.4 Transdermal Patch v/s Traditional Drug Delivery Methods

4. Global Transdermal Patch Market Insight

  4.1 Global Market Scenario

  4.2 Regional Market Trends

    4.2.1 United States

    4.2.2 Europe

    4.2.3 Asia Pacific

5. Transdermal Patches for Cardiovascular Diseases – Availability, Dosage & Price Analysis

  5.1 Clonidine Transdermal Patch (Catapres–TTS)

  5.2 Nitro Glycerin Transdermal Patch

6. Opioid Drug Containing Transdermal Patches – Availability, Dosage & Price Analysis

  6.1 Fentanyl Transdermal Patch (Duragesic)

  6.2 Buprenorphine Transdermal Patch (Butrans Patch)

7. Transdermal Patches for Neurological Disorders – Availability, Dosage & Price Analysis

  7.1 Selegiline Transdermal Patch (Emsam)

  7.2 Scopolamine Transdermal Patch (Transderm-Scop)

  7.3 Rivastigmine Transdermal Patch (Exelon)

  7.4 Methylphenidate Transdermal Patch (Daytrana)

8. Transdermal Patch in Hormonal Therapy – Availability, Dosage & Price Analysis

  8.1 Estradiol Transdermal Patch

    8.1.1 Alora

    8.1.2 Vivelle-Dot

  8.2 Testosterone Transdermal Patch (Androderm)

  8.3 Ethinyl Estradiol & Norelgestromin Transdermal Patch (Xulane)

9. Transdermal Patches for Other Conditions – Availability, Dosage & Price Analysis

  9.1 Nicotine Transdermal Patch (Nicoderm CQ)

  9.2 Oxybutynin Transdermal Patch (Oxytrol)

10. Global Transdermal Patch Clinical Pipeline Overview

  10.1 By Phase

  10.2 By Region/Country

  10.3 By Drug Class/Molecule

  10.4 By Company

  10.5 By Orphan & Fast Track Status

  10.6 By Mode of Action

11. Global Patch Clinical Pipeline By Company, Indication & Phase

  11.1 Unknown

  11.2 Research

  11.3 Preclinical

  11.4 Clinical

  11.5 Phase-I

  11.6 Phase-I/II

  11.7 Phase-II

  11.8 Phase-III

  11.9 Preregistration

  11.10   Registered

12. Marketed Transdermal Patch Clinical Insight

13. Global Transdermal Patch Market Dynamics

  13.1 Favorable Market Parameters

  13.2 Commercialization Challenges

14. Global Transdermal Patch Market Future Outlook 2026

15. Competitive Landscape

  15.1 3M Pharmaceuticals

  15.2 Acrux

  15.3 Agile Therapeutics

  15.4 Allergan

  15.5 ANI Pharmaceuticals

  15.6 Antares Pharma

  15.7 Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals

  15.8 Corium International

  15.9 Chase Pharmaceuticals

  15.10 DURECT Corporation

  15.11 Endo Pharmaceuticals

  15.12  Fempharm

  15.13 Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical

  15.14 Immune Pharmaceuticals

  15.15  Imprimis Pharmaceuticals

  15.16 Ipsen Bioscience

  15.17 Johnson & Johnson

  15.18 LaSalle Laboratories

  15.19  Lavipharm-increase

  15.20  MINRAD International

  15.21 NeurogesX

  15.22 Noven Pharmaceuticals

  15.23  NuPathe

  15.24 Nuvo Research

  15.25 Novartis

  15.26  Pain Therapeutics

  15.27  ProStrakan

  15.28 Purdue Pharma

  15.29  Sanofi

  15.30  Scilex Pharmaceuticals

  15.31 Senju Pharmaceutical

  15.32 Somerset Pharmaceuticals

  15.33 Teikoku Seiyaku

  15.34 Therapeutic Discovery Corporation

  15.35 Transdermal Delivery Solutions Corp

  15.36  UCB

  15.37  Xel Pharmaceuticals

  15.38  Zosano Pharma