About a decade ago, if you wanted to be an entrepreneur, it would take years and years of hard work just to setup a basic company. Endless hours of networking would yield a few important connections who would help kickstart your business. After all of this, with luck favouring you, you would be standing on the first step to success. If any entrepreneur was asked if doing this process was possible within 6 months, they would definitely say no. But now, with Global Super Elite and their initiative called Practically Genius, it is.

Global Super Elite Supports Innovative Campus Startups through Practically Genius Startup Labs

With a network comprising of 1100 IIT/IIM alumni, highly respected scientists and successful business executives, making the right connections has become easier for aspiring entrepreneurs. They can be contacted directly and can provide their valuable advice to these aspirants. Global Super Elite have also pledged to establish ‘Startup Labs’ in 99 colleges across the country where they will be looking for students who want to begin their own startup and make their own mark on the world of business.

Practically Genius conducted its first Ideathon at Cummins College, Pune

Their efforts have also been recognized by Minister of Commerce and Industry, Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman who is also the face of the Startup India and Make in India campaigns. But while this has all the makings of a hugely successful venture, they plan to do a lot more.

Founders With Minister Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman
Founders With Minister of Commerce and Industry, Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman

Under Practically Genius, in the first year, out of a 110 startup idea submissions with a total of 368 students, the top 10 ideas have been selected and will be executed in a period of 6 months. One startup has already been established by Surabhi Metre , student and founder of Evensers who had this to say about her experience: “ I am connected to a sea of passionate people who are positive, enterprising and ethical. After going through the introduction of Practically Genius, I felt I now have a direction which will handhold me through my tough entrepreneurial journey.”

Ideathon at Cummins College, Pune

Recently, Practically Genius conducted its first Ideathon at Cummins College, Pune in which the 30 startup founders presented their ideas to a gathering of founders who had found success in their own fields.


It acted as a free flowing exchange of concepts and advice between the established mentors and the brilliant young minds who are just starting their journey. Mr. Satish Kulkarni , from IBM , shared his positive feedback alongside Ms. Monica Bansal , Founder of Brissun Technologies , about this event: “These students have some really good ideas in their own niche fields. All they need is the proper direction which I think Global Super Elite can definitely provide and aid in the development of our country.”