Mumbai, Maharashtra, India | 18th December 2019: Forest Hills, the much sought after retreat known for its quiet picturesque setting, tucked away amidst dense foliage and trees in Tala, Raigad is the venue for the “Goonj” festival on 24th December 2019.

Full Moon at Forest Hills Tala

Goonj (meaning echo) being held across the vast tented campground in Forest Hills at Tala will be all about reinventing and rebalancing yourself with the beautiful soundscapes, amidst the breathtaking landscapes of nature.

Goonj” offers the perfect hide-away from crazy schedules and cramped spaces, from pollution and the regular stresses & strains of urban living to celebrate Christmas Eve soaking in nature, while artists like Peter Cat Recording Co, Ditty, Arifa Rebello perform live in this beautiful, natural setting.

An almost surreal experience awaits as sounds shift across impeccable musical talent, transposing one to a place of peace and lyrical simplicity 

This Christmas Eve with “Goonj” at Forest Hills in Tala is for those who seek solace in a raw yet enchanting habitat, with a musical experience par excellence! This Christmas Eve discover the perfect escape from city living as you get closer to the bounties of mother nature amidst the most memorable musical performances.