With an objective to increase brand presence of the company, Panache Exhibitions emerged as the exhibit design & build startup on 6th April, 2010. This brainchild of Mohammed Razi Shakir was incepted to provide tailored exhibit solutions to exhibitors of different streams. Being a certified exhibition stall designing and fabrication company, it offers high-quality exhibition booth designing and fabrication services to exhibitors. Mr. Shakir combined experience of over two decades and worked diligently to carve a name that is now respected across the exhibition industry, both as an entrepreneur and an evangelist.

Mohammed Razi Shakir

Problem which led to the startup idea
Most of the exhibitors face a common problem of showcasing their products and services in an appealing way. In this process, they need to stay ahead with interactive technology as well. But, this dilemma can be addressed by a proper setup. We came up with bespoke exhibit solutions to address the pressing needs of every industry. We brought in a comprehensive exhibition design & build solution for exhibitors. It feels immense pride that Panache Exhibitions can offer common place to business owners to get their exhibition stalls tailored and installed in a customized way under one roof. Our exhibit solutions are aimed at improving brand presence of clients through creative and practical approach.

Moment of realization to address the problem right away
In the process of brand promotion, retaining brand value is a must as well. We realized stand design & build services should complement each other for achieving the desirable outcome of exhibition booth fabrication. There were various instanced where commitment failure lead to fail of trust while availing designing and fabrication services for exhibition stall separately. This was the underlying issue we thought needs to be resolved.
Reflecting over all these setbacks, Panache Exhibitions stepped in with holy trinity of Promise, Process and Performance to customize exhibit solutions in a hassle free manner. This was our major insight which made us work over the establishment of one-stop solution for exhibitors.

Point of distinction, USPs of Panache Exhibitions
Being fully equipped with in-house design & fabrication services makes Panache Exhibitions unique. We believe that delivering customized exhibition stall designing & fabrication services are among our major USPs. We bridge the gap between exhibitors and their targeted audience through exhibit solutions tailored with precision. Our exhibition stall design and fabrication services comply with the industry standards to drive masses towards their exhibition.

Initial journey of Panache Exhibitions and response from the market
Our journey did not start with an assumption as each experience was valuable for us. In the journey of Panache Exhibitions, we have implemented on the lessons we learnt from our previous projects. We believe in our future growth, these experiences will definitely help us in an incredible way to serve customized exhibit solutions to our clients. In our opinion every customer who trusts us and relies on our credibility to showcase brand is an ideal customer for us. We have come across customers with different types of exhibit needs. We work on premium business model wherein, our pricing is defined on the basis of area of space and material. The market response from exhibitors has been mixed where Panache Exhibitions caters to challenging requirements of business owners as well.

Acquisition of first customer and interesting success story
Panache Exhibitions is self-funded, an independent identity. Since, there is no investor involved in this entrepreneurial business concept, we came across several challenges in the beginning phase of our journey. In terms of customer acquisition as well, it was tough for us to find the first customer. Initially, due to the lack of workshop or any major achievement, we had to struggle to acquire first customer for Panache Exhibitions. It was the faith of fulfillment to execute the project which our first client had noticed in our work approach. FLIR was the first premium client acquired by us and we still recognize the brand to kick-start our journey in exhibit design industry.

Well, there is not just one interesting success story, in fact, we have many! We cherish and portray each project completion moment as the unique success story at Panache Exhibitions. We have attained success so far by serving extensive needs of exhibitors in India. After carving niche at a Pan India level, we are looking forward to serving the clients globally.

Market Insights of Panache Exhibitions and uniqueness of business
All the tasks involved in the completion of exhibit solutions are conceptualized, tailored and installed under one roof at Panache Exhibitions. This approach of managing and executing the projects of clients with the help of exhibition stall designers, fabricators, contractors and installation experts makes us unique. With an objective to enhance the productivity of exhibitors’ brand by getting them recognized by their targeted audience, we offer customized exhibit solutions to our clients. Our premium quality exhibit solutions are recognized in Indian market for their industry wise relevance, innovative and unique structure.

Potential competitors of Panache Exhibitions and prospects 6 years’ down the line
Competitive spirit has always helped Panache Exhibitions in attaining the pinnacle of its success in exhibit design industry. Litmus Meroform, XS Worldwide and Design Desk are among the major competitors of Panache Exhibitions. We have always visualized the increasing competition in the industry. We have focused on our strengths to deliver comprehensive bespoke exhibit solutions to our clients under ones. Our prime objective is to get global recognition by serving our clients through stellar quality of space construction solutions.

Few inspirational words for the fellow entrepreneurs
If you have zeal to establish your business in the exhibition stall design & build services, focus on the project execution. If your strategy to execute exhibit solution is smooth, then, a happy client would bring many referrals. Align project management and strategic execution to attain the goal of client and stand a chance to attract several new business prospects.
Panache Exhibitions will soon emerge as the worldwide exhibit solution providers with its comprehensive and competitive approach!

Corporate Office:
G-66, 2nd Floor, Sarita Vihar Road, Near Kalindi Kunj, New Delhi-110025, India
Website: https://www.panache-worldwide.com
Email: contact@panache-worldwide.com

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