The startup ForeanTech was started because the founder felt that even though Indian startups have good ideas, they could not take them forward because they lack good developers, designers, and marketers. We are publishing an interview with Mr. Ankur Mishra, Founder – ForeanTech.

Ankur Mishra - Founder of Foreantech
Ankur Mishra – Founder of Foreantech

Q.: Please tell us about the founders
Ankur Mishra – It is very easy to curse your luck, lack of resources and blame it all on fate when you’re faced with arduous situations that life throws at you. It takes a man of character to rise above it, to defy all odds and pave the way. That is exactly what Ankur Mishra did. Born and brought up in a small village in UP (Sumerpur, Hamirpur) , life has not always been a bed of roses for Ankur Mishra. Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker, Author, Writer, Photographer, Poet and Social Activist are just some of the terms that give us an insight into the life of this ambitious person. An extremely progressive thinker and actioner, he defines dynamism and inculcates it further into the youngsters of today.

He has single-handedly spearheaded many digital marketing technology platforms and currently is the Founder/ CEO of Foreantech, a Startup for Startups. A poet and humorist at heart, he has written five books – Love is still Flirt (Novel), three poetry books- Kshanik Kahaniyo Ki Virasat, Nai Kitab, Kavishala and Quitting – Shouldn’t be an option and he shares sarcasm, politricks and poetry in Social Media. He also reviews new movies and books. If this is not enough Ankur also educates his community, gives TED Talks and technical talks. Ankur speaks as a grassroots expert on politics, technology, and society, and has been a part of numerous seminars.

Q.: What is the problem you are trying to solve? Can you share with us any insights that led you to believe that this is a big enough problem?
Right now Indian startup ecosystem has lack of good developers, designers and marketers. Foreantech is a startup for startups, we provide end to end solution to the startups. If you have Idea, you can come to us we’ll execute your Idea and convert it into a product.

Yes! resources / good resources are is the biggest problem. An Idea can die because of bad resources or lack of resources.

Q.: Tell us about the Product / Solution.
We’re not in product space, we don’t have any product. We provide end to end online solutions, Services.

Q.: What is your USP?
Our USP is we have good developers and Designers, which have expertise in different verticals. we work on stats and facts, first we do research on numbers of any website or application then we start working of designing, development of marketing.

Q.: What were your assumptions when you entered the market, learnings that you have? Who in your mind is your ideal customer? Do you have atleast one of them signed up?
When we started Foreantech the main concern was, How we’ll survive on services space. We already have thousands of companies in same space, but our theme and focus was different. Our target was startups, which are in idea Phase or ready with MVC. We mentored them and then adopted Designing, Development and Growth/ Marketing. After getting good startups we entered into government space, government websites and application needed alto of work.

Q.: What has been your biggest failure as an entrepreneur and what did you learn from it??
This is a very important question, we also faced so many problems first was funds we are in services so no was interested in investing money on us then another major problem was Team. I think this is the main and major problem of every startup but we stucked here and keep moving with new/ fresh resources. The learning which we learnt when you don’t have money invest on good talent only.

Q.: How are you pricing the Product? Explain your thought process.
We are in services marketplace so Pricing vary for every service. Range is 10K to 5Lack Per Month.

Q.: How did you get your first customer?
Our first customer was Namami Brahmputra Festival (assam government), Our service are quick and have quality. There were only 15 days left of the festival when assam government approcked some of the guy for this project and that guy discussed with us, this was a huge task but we accepted this challange and completed it into 7-8 days. because of this project we received appreciation from assam government and further work from other state and central government.

Q.: Is there any interesting success story? If yes, please write about it. ?
In 2 years we have good client base more than 50+ with 1.5Cr turnover in a year. We’re happy with the team which is continuously working hard.

Q.: What is the big picture of your startup? Is this Product leading to something bigger? If so, how?
Big picture of our’s you can map using our turnover every year right now it is: 1.5 Cr. in next 6 month we are targeting it 2Cr and next one year 3Cr.

Q.: What is the insight that you have about this market, which no one else has? Uniqueness about your Startup.
Foreantech is mainly focused on startups, we work them from scratch to investment. Sometimes mould the Idea if we need. Indian startup ecosystem has lack of good developers, designers and marketers that’s why we exists we believe in outsourcing when you don’t have good team.

Q.: Who do You Perceive as Your Competition? How do you differentiate yourself with them?
We go for meeting then understand their problem first, if they are working with some other agencies we first advise them to work and align all the stuff with them, we never want to do half work of any company it breaks the Right and syncked Communication. We always want to work for growth. Other companies just grab the any stuff.

Q.: What would be your goal to accomplish in the next six months?
Our goal is to grow or client base and revenue in next few months, some major things are in pipeline, parallelly we are working on some of our products like Kavishala, YoungYatri and One SMS Solution Platform.

Q.: What message do you want to convey to fellow entrepreneurs?
Quitting should not be an Option for Every entrepreneur. There are so many small and big stones in the path but you need to cross and break them that is entrepreneurship otherwise most of the people have good job you should also go for the same.

Q.: Any other information you would like to share?
Ankur Mishra exudes the kind of lucid candour and sincerity that can only be mustered by someone who has lived a life in every season, flavour and shade that India has to offer – for he has walked a thousand miles and chronicled many an adventure. Don’t take him for any other small-town boy with big dreams- for this entrepreneur, social worker, writer, poet and traveller went a step ahead, brought on his finest masonry to also build his road block by block. Ankur grew up in a “pure” small village in Uttar Pradesh, as he likes to put it.
Thanks Ankur. Best wishes!