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This Gurugram Based Startup Aims to Revolutionise the Kid’s Furniture Industry by Helping Parents Create Beautiful Space for Their Kids

Boingg's range of beds cater to a wide variety of parents need. From upholstered to storage to theme to bunk to high rise beds. They are trying to evolve with parents need and creating furniture that suit their requirement and taste. And this apply to all their products across multiple categories. They are the only brand who is currently focusing on a range of comfortable nursing chairs. There is a demand for...

This Gurugram-based Startup Develops an AI Driven Personalised Learning Platform

iAugmentor is an AI driven, gamified, personalized assessment and learning platform, that create a real-time, personalized, on-the-go learning roadmap for learners. It was incorporated in 2016, in Gurgaon, India to provide a personalized learning experience to learners, by using intuitive and incisive technology. iAugmentor directs learning specific to individual learning gaps and desired workplace competencies through the use of cutting edge technology. We are publishing an interview with Mr. Pratik Marwah – Co-Founder & COO, iAugmentor.

How this Gurugram-based HR Professional Became a Social Entrepreneur

Jyoti Verma, founder of Wepreneure Wepreneure, founded by Jyoti Verma, and co- founder Sonali Satpathy, they wish to empower home working women digitally and make India proud. They are providing a platform for all the women entrepreneurs who are looking for static income. For it, online awareness and e-commerce are the two essential words, and the knowledge and scope of both should be acknowledged to all the budding women entrepreneurs.

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