Most of the small companies face an issue of trying to go digital due to limited resources. The Orange Bulletin team is exploring the ways to help smaller companies also go online.

Moreover even though digital is a concept mostly prevalent in Tier one cities, they wish to explore possibilities in Tier two and Tier three cities as well.

She started the company with a vision to deliver content based on concepts. In a limited market like Kolkata, she started with a vision to deliver quality in the best possible cost.

What they wish to offer: Tailored solutions for each of our brands to ensure maximum reach.

Ishan Jhunjhunwala, Partner
He heads Hiring and Business Development, role is to ensure acquisition of new talent and clientele.

Dishita Choudhary - Founder, The Orange Bulletin
Dishita Choudhary – Founder, The Orange Bulletin

One of the major obstacles of the service industry is the difficulty faced in automation. A lot of time and efforts later, the team has successfully managed to work on it and is now running day to day operations smoothly.

The Orange Bulletin’s Unique Selling Proposition(USP) is the strong belief that personalization is possible at all levels.

They encourage every client who comes to them to only go for solutions they require. For example when a home grown label goes to them, they don’t encourage a Twitter presence or a website from Day 1.

Being a young company, they understand the importance of being relevantly present and not omnipresent. Another unique offering is Social Listening. While putting your point is important on Social – LISTENING to what the consumers are saying is what actually helps businesses grow and improve.

Ishan Jhunjhunwala - Partner, The Orange Bulletin
Ishan Jhunjhunwala – Partner, The Orange Bulletin

 With all this there has been a breakthrough in their services which has made them unique. It has been a major part of their breakthrough.

They offer unique and differential pricing which could be affordable by all. From super-premium end to end solutions to non-custom but sales oriented digital solutions. In the post covid world, everyone needs digital solutions, however, where people and a lot of agencies fail is identifying the type of solution than is needed, and they strive to serve only that.

To scale up, expand and encompass all solutions under one roof – is what The Orange Bulletin’s vision looks like.

With young Founders and a fresher team – they constantly strive to improve themselves and their services. Today’s Digital Age requires smart marketing and not expensive marketing. The Orange Bulletin is trying to do just that.

Optimum use of Socials, Defined Digital Goals and Integration of all services is what they try achieving for all their clients.

Looking to expand into export marketing and experiential travelling – exciting things are on way for this company.

Their brand promises:
:: To deliver services of the highest quality
:: To personalize services at all levels
:: To bring freshness to each brand they associate with!

  • Branding and Advertising (“Less Advertising and More Story telling”): If you want to Revive your company means If you want to reopen your idea or company in market, And if you is you feel your brand isn’t being promoted Enough, So Don’t Worry about these Questions and All others When it comes to Branding and Advertising.
  • Integrated Digital marketing service (Holistic is the World): E-commerce should be 20% of your Business revenue, If is not already yet so you need to start think fresh. And they can Help you to find the Right channels with fulfillment partner and marketing models.
  • Pitch Decks (“Your Idea, Our Presentation skill”): Integrated marketing solutions of your brand with Solutions Strategists, Creative strategists and designer, they coming for work together and to assist your digital transformation also.
  • Websites Design and Development (Creating Your Platform): They can help you to make a digital footprint of Your Brand with Experienced Developers and Latest Technology. Their services are tailored to provide the solutions to all your Problems.
  • Third Party store Setups (Joint the Giants): They help you   make the most of your presence with Industry Leaders like Amazon and Swiggy.
  • Social Media Marketing (Heart, Like and Subscribe): Generating and integrating your brand Language on Social Media Activation, managing and Overseeing online marketing strategies and solutions.
  • E-commerce Strategy Execution (Yes, Digital sales is a Thing): Imagine They what could do to your disruptive idea. They are Good Presenter.
  • Creative Solution (From Written to AV, We take care of Content): They believe in “The Content is King”. They Know which is look good and Feel Real, And They have Skilled Designers ready to always creating fresh, engaging Concepts of make your Message stand.
How this Kolkata-based Digital Agency is personalising Digital Solutions for the businesses

More details about TOB startup:
Name of Startup: The Orange Bulletin
Founders: Dishita Choudhary

Launch Date: 6th Sept, 2017
Kolkata, India