Hyderabad | 17th June 2020: In these COVID Times, Digital is getting a lot of push and it will continue in future. Digital technology will transform the landscape of school education, health care delivery, commerce, marketing and many more areas in such a way that impacts every area of your business observed Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, Government of Telangana.

Speaking while interacting with few select Design Professionals at JMITI (Sacred Geometry), a Creative and Culture Entrepreneur’s Hub, on Tuesday here in the city at Manikonda, he said Digital will get a big push from everybody. We are living in two different worlds–real and virtual. So Digital will get a lot of prominence. 

Besides that, due to COVID-19 and subsequent lockdown, children are going through online classes. Health Care professionals are remotely delivering healthcare services by way of digital consultancy, virtual medicine, Telemedicine, Tele consultancy, Diagnostic Services at the comfort of home etc. Digital technology is serving these new consumers like students and patients in rural and far-flung places. 

These new consumers have not experienced any digital technologies before. So people will work on offering new user experience. And new tools will be introduced.

Due to COVID now, hospitals are not catering much to non-COVID patients. People are putting up with their minor elements. But, they can’t postpone their treatment for long. That is where Telemedicine, Tele and Virtual Consultancy will come into place, explained the top bureaucrat of the State.

Also, a lot of new and never heard technologies like contactless, touch-free, hands-free technologies are gaining a lot of prominences. All these need to provide seamless user experience better than normal.

The space in the restaurant is shrunk. Sitting and chatting for a long time in restaurants may not be permitted in future. Restaurants will work on quick turnaround time in serving customers. So they may make Menu available to customers, even before they arrive and orders will be taken. The moment they walk in their food may be served. This we will experience soon because restaurants have to put to use their limited space to maximum extent. All these are new things which soon will become normal. So how do you create a user experience in these areas? That is where the design element comes he said

Adding further he said, Universities are known by the quality of faculty they provide. Now under new normal, Universities may not need fulltime faculty. In future, the classes will be both physical as well as virtual. In such a case, the faculty may remain on the rolls of the college to be available on the demand. The same thing goes with manufacturing. So what we need for future are Design Thinking. Brand Building and a unique user experience he said.

Vishala Reddy Vuyyala, Founder & Director of identCity, the lady behind JAMITI outlined the salient features of JAMITI. It is a hub of culture and creative entrepreneurs (MSME) Initiative of IdentCity Creative Industries Pvt. Ltd. JAMITi offers virtual (self-serviced community) for the CCI (Creative and Cultural Industries) Entrepreneurs from 32 plus creative and culture fields where members can get access to each other, learn, collaborate and network. Besides virtual, it also offers Physical Design Hubs to interact with their potential customers from diverse industries, she said

Speaking further she added that it is something similar to WHAT T-Hub for Startups, T-Works for Hardware Makers and WE Hub for Women Entrepreneurs.

The creative & cultural economy has become a powerful, transformative force in the world today. She added. Its potential for development is vast and waiting to be unlocked. It is one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the world economy, not just in terms of income generation but also for job creation and export earnings. However, there are hardly any ecosystem, networking platforms in India, she added. 

The creative industries have become increasingly important to economic well-being, and the “human creativity is the ultimate economic resource

Jayesh Ranjan had a walk through the studio. He also unveiled the logo and website of the JAMITI Community.