Just4You has been hosting customized surprises, gifts, indigenous pranks, venue packages and non-venue packages to serve and create special memories in the lives of their clients. Just4You is now planning to enter in the league of designing premium surprises for its enthusiastic and fun-loving clientele.

Just4You Surprises All Set to Unveil the Premium Range of “Surprises”

Just4You content head says, “It is more of a friendship that we developed with our clients during this year. This camaraderie helped us in developing certain other services like “personalized Romantic dates” and “personalized excursions” for special occasions dealing with various emotions associated with courtship. We are also conducting excursion to celebrate apologies, retirement, proposals and anniversaries.” He adds, “During this period, we also diversified and arranged many corporate events and arranged some innovative pre-wedding shoots as well.”

In the terms of logistics, Just4You has a great client base in the very first year of the inception. Right now, they are maintaining strategic tie-ups in five cities of India, and this list includes Baroda, Mumbai, Kolkata, Agra and Delhi, A workforce of talented actors, prolific writers, and third-party engagements like restaurant owners, property owners and surprise gift developers are engaged with Just4You on a regular basis.

During the initial days of this endeavor, the team realized that something innovative can be done to add up to the existing event management practices prevalent around, so they used highly unique ideas for their venture. The feedback chain helped them to maintain the ways of judging consumer satisfaction, whereby, offering their services at justified prices that brings them really in the range of affordability.

After capturing the market in Delhi and five other cities in India, they are now planning to scale up the business. They are diversifying in the field of “Surprise event management.” Just like the previous year, in the coming year, their focus will be the exercise of integration where they sit across the table with the teammates including esteemed associations, enthusiastic interns, established writers and third-party engagements with property managers and restaurant owners.

The CEO shares his gratitude and says, “Our journey took us to the next destination where we are designing customized surprise gifts for unforeseen surprises. As a team, we are thankful to our family members, friends, and clients for their consistent encouragement in this mission of revamping the celebrations of life by coating them with surprises. They created an ambience of creativity around us during our professional thick and thin.”

About the Company: Just4You hosts tailor-made surprises, gifts, indigenous pranks, venue packages and non-venue packages to serve and create special memories in the lives of their clients. The idea of designing surprises for people seeking to add a sense of adventure and romance in their life originated in 2016. ‘Romantic Surprise Dates’ is one of their awesome services. Founders of the company came together to start this new venture, which was one step ahead of a regular startup, as it was not started with an intention to build apps for problems, but help to build healthy and happy relationships in individuals personal lives by organizing, planning and implementing some wonderfully amazing surprises.