4th March 2020: If you are an engineer or have just completed engineering and are looking for a perfect job in emerging tech, we have got a list of 5 boot camps which you should not miss to attend:

  1. BridgeLabz – It emphasises on experiential learning of concepts and ideas, BridgeLabz helps build real-world expertise via hands-on coding and real-time mentoring delivered to fresh engineers in the emerging tech space. It has successfully made 500+ engineers employable to date, over the course of 50+ Maker Programs, and there has been a 100 percent increase in the salary paid to Makers since the inception of the program.
  2. The Tech Academy – The Tech Academy’s Software Developer bootcamp prepares students to become junior developers and assists with job-seeking. Participants can study entirely online, attend classes in person, or do a mix of both. The program is self-paced and offers open-enrollment, so students can start whenever and work full- or part-time.
  3. Skyfi Labs – Unlike regular training programs where all students in the class work on the same project, Innovation Bootcamp by Skyfi Labs allows you to explore multiple projects based on your interests. So you can select which topics you want to learn and which projects you want to build. You will build these under the guidance of trainers who will ensure you learn a lot in these 6 days and have great fun in learning by building projects. 
  4. Udacity – Udacity, a global technology education provider, offers online courses including a 12-week AI programming bootcamp and a 16-week front-end web developer bootcamp. More than 30 nanodegree programs cover subjects such as data science, artificial intelligence, programming, autonomous systems, and cloud computing.
  5. Thinkful – Thinkful’s Engineering and Data Science Immersion programs, Engineering Flex, Engineering Nights & Weekends, Data Science Flex, Product Design Flex, and Data Analytics Flex programs have unprecedented levels of support, with 2 hours each week of 1-on-1 mentorship, 40+ hours of Q&A sessions, and a bustling Slack community of mentors and fellow students.