Markitiers is organising Delhi Marketing Conclave, First of its kind Marketing Conference in Delhi bringing together the masterminds of this amazing business of selling and promoting! The event is set to take place on 13th April,2017 in the auditorium of Kirori Mal College, North Campus.

Markitiers to organise Delhi Marketing Conclave in Kirori Mal College, North Campus on 13th April, 2017

AIM: To decode the field of Marketing to aspirants through a comprehensive summit that changes the mind-set of the participants and to ignite the spirit of Marketing among the youth in India.

MOTIVE: DMC seeks to achieve this by means of various competitions and events that not only test the participant’s ability to ‘Market’ but also, at the same time, are fun and open the participants to new avenues by allowing them to access skills they never knew existed in them.

VISION: The Delhi Marketing Conclave targets to provide the perfect blend of fun and knowledge so as to introduce participants to the exhilarating, liberating, and creative field which is marketing.