Medikabazaar launches MedikaTalks, an online healthcare-specific knowledge sharing and conversation platform

Collaborates with industry leaders and healthcare experts | Aims to provide the general populace with interesting and insightful perspectives on the healthcare domain


New Delhi | 14th May 2020: India’s leading online B2B marketplace for medical equipment and supplies in India, Medikabazaar has launched MedikaTalks, an exclusive online healthcare-specific knowledge sharing and conversation platform. It aims to facilitate a deeper understanding of the medical space by bringing the pioneers of the healthcare industry together to discuss existing and impending issues before the sector. The launch reinstates the brand’s commitment to come up with disruptive drives that could help transform how healthcare is perceived in India.

The initiative connects esteemed industry leaders and healthcare experts through webinars, exclusive conferences, expert talks, CXO meets, CMEs, and many more leveraging digital collaboration tools. The move comes at a time when the entire world has been grappling with the effects of COVID-19 and is expected to provide meaningful insights on the entire healthcare domain, be it challenges, opportunities, past lessons, or future endeavours.

MedikaTalks will hold a series of Webinars, CXO Meets, CMEs, Expert Talks and Exclusive Events regularly on industry-relevant topics.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr Vivek Tiwari, Founder and CEO of Medikabazaar said, “Our sudden and massive dependency on the healthcare sector due to the current pandemic has brought some of its weaknesses to the fore. In view of this, we have collaborated with various doctors, practitioners, and industry stakeholders to hold online discussions on industry-specific issues. We hope MedikaTalks will become a conversation platform of choice for healthcare industry professionals as it will render a clear overview of the Indian healthcare sector and aid in providing actionable insights to further strengthen our healthcare system.”

The link to the online platform can be accessed on