Bangalore | 4th April 2020: Amidst the CoVID-19 lockdown in the country and subsequent failure of supply chain management, a Bangalore based techie, Kiran Anto, has come up with an app that can help your neighborhood get supplies in a safe and efficient way. The app,  Neighbourhood Supply, alerts the locality on available essentials in the neighborhood, thus, helping people reach the exact location and minimizing the impulse to panic buy.

The Neighbourhood Supply app works as a platform where citizens can sign up as contributors and list the shops, vendors or individuals in their locality who have a supply of essentials such as food, medicines and healthcare supplies like masks, sanitizers etc. Once they are listed, the contributors can give an update on a daily basis regarding their status of supplies. The app helps to form a network in the locality and lets people know exactly where essentials are available.

“Since the beginning of March, we have been noticing trends of panic buying and hoarding in the markets. The situation only became worse as the month progressed, and when the lockdown was announced, people went into a panic buying spree. I believe the only way to face these fears is with knowledge. If people are aware of where they can get supplies, I feel they will be a little calmer during this period. We came up with this initiative to help ease people’s lives and help them locate essentials within their localities and neighborhoods. As the country stands united during this time, contributors on the app are doing a great job serving their community in this time.” said Kiran Anto, founder of Neighbourhood Supply.

Kiran Anto is an employee of Esper who works out of the Bangalore office. Esper is a cloud platform that automates application deployment and management for the entire Android device and application lifecycle. Shiv Sundar, Co-founder and COO of Esper said, “We are very proud of Kiran for coming up with this novel initiative. Neighbourhood Supply is an effective and efficient way to locate essentials within one’s own locality. This initiative is also a reflection of Esper’s values of “Leadership is Ownership”. Esper believes in long-term thinking and does not sacrifice future value for short-term results. People working together toward a shared goal is a powerful force for good. Esper was founded to streamline Android innovation with the hope of serving a greater purpose.”

Neighbourhood Supply is active across 100 locations in India. So far the app has over 3000 unique users. The app can be accessed on