India | 22nd May 2020: Notebook, one of the fastest-growing online ed-tech platform providing digital content for students have launched a series of webinars titled “TOGETHER FOR EDUCATION”. These Webinars are taking place twice a week (Wednesdays & Saturdays), on a variety of contemporary topics to help Students, Teachers and Parents manage the education cycle during the COVID 19 crisis.

The webinars have so far witnessed an attendance of over 2300 participants from all over the country and also different parts of the world, attendees include principals, teachers, Parents, Child counselors, Social workers. The webinar is presided by Achin Bhattacharyya Founder and CEO Notebook and Phillip Burret, ex-Deputy Headmaster Doon School who is also a senior advisor to Notebook.

The topic “Holistic Development of Students” during COVID times had seen panellists ranging from Daryll Cullinan the eminent South African Cricketer, Col VS Malik (Retd) of the Gorkha Rifles along with Arjun Rao, Principal JBCN International, and Anamika Ghosh, Psychologist speaking about the same. The panellists have presented their views on how managing crises is an integral part of a child’s education and how it has helped them navigate some of the toughest challenges in their lives.

Achin Bhattacharyya has addressed the importance of Holistic Development in the upbringing of a child and how digital education is such an influential medium for everyone to learn about things in and beyond the classroom at this time. He also spoke about how integrated augmented storytelling is in the pedagogy to make learning interesting for students and the feedback they have been receiving from schools across the country on the quality of the content.

Democratization of Education” was another interesting topic of discussion where Prem Yadav, CEO Pratham Infotech Foundation, along with Himanshu Mohanty, Regional Director DAV Institutions, and Sudatta Khuntia of Action Aid India spoke about education being a differentiator for the upliftment of people from nonurban cities. Prem also spoke about foundational skills being the first step and enabler for students in rural India to be able to get to mainstream learning. Pratham Infotech has collaborated with Notebook to build and distribute vernacular digital content for various state boards, which will be an enabler for education in rural India.

The other interesting subject that was discussed in one of the webinars was on “Keeping Students Motivated”. This session was addressed by the dynamic Swami Supradiptananda (Manish Maharaj) of Ramkrishna Mission School, Gwalior. The other panelist was Ms. Ruvena Sanyal, Counsellor La Martiniere School for Boys Kolkata, Ahana Ghosh a Child Therapist and Sanam Rao, Principal St Peter’s Warangal. The panelists discussed how interesting education formats like augmented storytelling, online quizzing, gamification of learning are high enablers for teaching students.

“Embracing Digital Solutions” for education was one of the first sessions conducted where Saptarshi Roy, Ex HR Director NTPC along with Principal Dr. Prgya Upadhaya (St Anne’s, Dehradun) Sanjay Dewangan (Wisdom Global School, Haridwar) and Manoj Kumar Khera (Columbus Public School, Rudrapur) discussed the challenges faced by schools and students during the lockdown and how digital solutions have been a boon for them to manage student leanings. While some issues such as telecom infrastructure are slowly being overcome, teachers have adapted to the new scenario in front of them.

Achin applauded the principals, teachers, and parents in their endeavor and shared the contributions of the notebook by moving on to a free platform model during the crisis so that teachers and students can optimally benefit from it.

Notebook continues to hold such webinars with the last one being “The Role of Parents during the Lockdown” where they have had a tremendous response from parents and teachers. Achin on being asked his views on these webinars and the role of the notebook said that “I am proud that we have built a platform which is helping people adapt to the new challenges, he also said that notebook is only an enabler and facilitator and we give the entire credit to teachers, students, parents who are embracing the change. I also thank our excellent team at Notebook for the incredible effort they are putting in to help all the users of the platform is having a seamless experience.”