New Delhi, Delhi, India | 23rd April 2020: India’s leading cybersecurity consulting, auditing and compliance company Panacea Infosec introduces a Helpline for cybersecurity advice on data security and resolutions during remote working due to COVID-19 lockdown. Any organization can approach Panacea Infosec and take guidance on Data and Information security and COVID-19 related Cyber threats and attacks.

Thousands of organizations and millions of individuals are required to work from home due to current lockdown on COVID-19 pandemic. Suddenly working from homes which are not sufficiently cyber protected place as working within highly secured corporate network of organizations, has exposed individuals working from homes to cyber threats and subsequent risks. As the crisis is leading, people have to fine-tune their working obligations as the coming weeks are likely to bring more uncertainties. Panacea Infosec has observed a major surge in cyber-attacks during this pandemic lockdown. And, as a social responsibility, it has decided to provide first-aide solutions to businesses to protect their interests.

In the launching of Cybersecurity helpline, Panacea Infosec Founder and CEO Mr. Ajay Kaushik said, “Following cyber hygiene practices in remote working condition faces many difficulties.” He further reminded that as a part of corporate social responsibility, this service shall be free of cost and will work on all days.

In India, many big companies are ill-prepared to face cyber threat. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are even more prone to cyber threats and attacks from both internal and external sources. If an organization is worried about protecting against phishing emails, maintaining data-security compliance, or believes they are currently infected with malware, etc., Panacea Infosec is available and ready to extend its support.

This is the testing time for businesses to get prepared at governance levels to deal with such attacks and to strengthen resilience. We have seen coronavirus themed emails and messaging on topics such as health updates, fake cures, fiscal packages and emergency benefits. As a responsible corporate entity, Panacea Infosec aspires to serve its part to protect businesses across the country from cyberattacks,” added Mr. Kaushik.

Panacea Infosec cybersecurity Warriors can be approached 9.00 am till 9.00 pm at the dedicated Helpline +91 9873323402, +91 9205786092 (Mobile).