24th February, Bangalore: Pocket52 hosted its first-ever Poker Bootcamp at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Bangalore with the mental game coach Milica Bojic as the keynote speaker and professional poker players Abhigya ‘kocairna’ Sagar, Ankit ‘yawmamma’ Anand as guest speakers for the evening. The Poker Bootcamp was an innovative interactive and learning initiative for poker players to understand the fundamental dynamics of poker. The goal of the seminar was to help players discover misconceptions in their thought process and pain points in their performance curve.

Pocket52 hosts first-ever Poker Bootcamp in Bangalore

The interactive seminar focused on the technical & mental game aspects of poker, analyzing the sport performance and psychology side of poker and how it affects every decision players make on the tables. Exploring the advanced tactics and cutting-edge strategies that professional players use to master emotion, tilt control, and high-performance routine that enables consistent winning.

Milica Bojic, an international coach from Serbia with over three years of experience in mental game coaching, presided over the seminar and spoke about how not to let emotions interfere at the tables. Milica broke down the understanding of the game to the fundamental level to impress upon the importance of excellent mental makeup to be successful in poker.

Milica said, “Players who take poker seriously are those who make a successful career and become consistently winning professionals. It’s not an easy craft, however. The beauty of the game is that playing poker provides a fast feedback loop on how a person feels and what he or she believes in.”

Milica continued, “It takes strong dedication to study, passion for self-discovery and commitment to realizing one’s full potential. The Bootcamp was a rare live opportunity for players to meet, share, and study to excel at poker.”

Abhigya Sagar, one of India’s top pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) players and Ankit Anand, a 5-card-PLO expert, were the guest speakers for the event and spoke about the different technical details and strategies of the game that winning players use. They shared their stories from their time at the felt, analysing some winning hands as well as bad beats.

Both players also explained how to successfully transition between different poker variants like Texas Holdem, 4-card and 5-card pot-limit Omaha and from cash games to tournaments. Stressing upon what Milica said, Ankit Anand added, “Mindset and Strategy go hand-in-hand in any poker player’s road to success! And, the Bootcamp offers an engaging sneak-peek into the Pocket52 Poker Academy – from the insightful content of Milica’s mental game coaching to strategic insights from accomplished pros to help players of all skill levels, and in different formats of the game.

The live event was the brainchild of Pocket52, India’s fastest growing online poker network. Pocket52 had previously released a series of online webinars related to the mental game of poker with Milica Bojic in an effort to explore how much Indian poker players were keen on learning more about how to master poker as the game of skill. The webinars conducted by Pocket52 were an instant hit. So, Pocket52 decided to take the next step towards introducing poker learning in the Indian subcontinent.

Nitesh Salvi, CEO & co-founder at Pocket52 said, “We are all about poker. We want our players to have everything poker-related under one roof – from learning about how to play the game to grinding at the cash tables or tournaments to going back and learning some more. Having launched Pocket52 Network, our next aim was to introduce the learning aspect of poker to the Indian audience. With the success of Poker Bootcamp, we now look towards launching a fully-fledged poker academy for players to take their game to the next level.

Pocket52, founded by Nitesh Salvi (CEO), Saurav Suman (COO), Debashish Bhattacharjee (CMO), Satyam Verma (CTO) & Abhigya Sagar (CSO), was started with the mission of revolutionising poker in India. The idea was to establish poker as a game of skill in India by creating a first-of-its-kind cryptographically-secure poker platform along with starting a poker academy for players to learn and hone their skills which will positively affect the all-round temperament of players in their personal and professional life.

Abhigya Sagar ended the seminar on a high note disclosing the big reveal, “Pocket52 is happy to announce that we will be launching the Pocket52 Poker Academy in the coming weeks, a one-of-a-kind poker learning platform that will provide comprehensive, high-quality courses taught by professional players in a way that makes learning easy and enjoyable. From basic poker learning to game analysis to perfecting your game – Pocket52 Poker Academy will have experts from every field of poker to help you level up your A-game.

The Pocket52 Poker Academy is intended to introduce poker to the potentially-huge poker-enthusiastic population of the country, by filling a massive void in the poker market.