23rd May 2020: Living through a pandemic is extraordinarily stressful, and the stress has to go somewhere. Couples are attempting to balance multiple heavy loaded life stressors at once financial, work, health, loss, childcare, home schooling, among others. The viral pandemic has turned many of our personal lives upside down. Divorced or separated families are now dealing with a new reality, which is the uncharted territory of the coronavirus impact.

At times like this, better counseling could help people repair their stressful relationships. Recognizing the importance of counseling, PR Solution (PRS) International is coming up with a new concept of online relationship coaching, which will provide an online platform to the people to connect with the expert relationship advisors from across the world. 

Global CEO, S Vijay Kumar said, Time in quarantine, whether it means spending more time together or less, could be an opportunity to strengthen your relationships. No one knows when life will get back to normal. Nonetheless, while waiting for the stringent measures to pass, you don’t have to put your relationship to the side and pray for the best. Relationships are the only thing that matters.

PRS Relationship is the world’s largest online relationship platform that will help the people to get advised and coached by relationship experts and professionals on different relationship problems. PRS Relationship helps the people to find a perfect coach for themselves according to their needs and aspirations.

PRS Relationship connects the people with the world’s best relationship counselors and coaches to provide them with better relationship advice to resolve their relationship matters and to overcome the hardships and tensions in their ongoing relationship. PRS Relationship guides the people on how to live a happy and prosperous life.

Dr Ranjan Kumar, Relationship Expert said, ‘PRS Relationship aims to help the people to cope with the stressful worldly relations that create tensions, stress and depressions in and among the people. Our different relationship coaches will help people to overcome situations where people feel trapped.’

‘Human relationships play a vital role in the overall well being. Online Counselling for relationships can help people in overcoming the tough phases in their relationship and building a resilient bond’, he added.

PRS Relationship is inclined to solve the relationship problems and issues through online counselling by the world’s best relationship counsellors. An initiative of PRS International inclined towards creating a world of happy relations. By world of happy relations, we mean a world where relations are all free of stress, tensions and conflicts.’