New Delhi, Delhi, India | 24th January 2020: When the underprivileged people of India are bearing the brunt of shivering nights on streets, SpringFit has stepped forward with its comforting campaign #LetsGiveSleep. Encouraging the citizens to fulfill thousands of dreams of the country’s destitute with their old mattresses, #LetsGiveSleep initiative has been rolled out as  to  give a peaceful sleep.

Lighting the bonfires, some of them may keep themselves warm for a while, however, over 1.77 million people in India sleep on open cold surfaces in winters. During the cold months of the year, India’s underprivileged lack sheltered comfort and they end up sleeping on the streets, pipelines, railway platforms, pavements, temples, and more such open spaces.

With the agenda to promote better sleep quality for the people sleeping in the open, the renowned mattress manufacturing company, SpringFit, in collaboration with the Goonj Foundation, has taken up the compassionate initiative #LetsGiveSleep. This is a mattress exchange program with a uniquely noble cause. People can exchange their old mattress and get a discount on a new SpringFit mattress, and SpringFit will pass on their old mattresses to the underprivileged with the help of the huge network of the Goonj Foundation.

The way this mattress exchange program works is simple. Anyone can visit the SpringFit retail stores or SpringFit’s website to participate in this program and buy a new SpringFit mattress at a special discount. Their old mattresses will be picked up from their homes. After filtering the ones which are in good condition, the exchanged old mattresses will be contributed to the underprivileged people by the Goonj Foundation. Furthermore, in exchange for the old mattresses, SpringFit will reward the kindness of the caring contributors with a discount on the purchase of a new SpringFit mattress. 

Nitin Gupta, the Executive Director of SpringFit, says, “The greatest virtue of mankind lies in giving. Through #LetsGiveSleep, we hope to encourage and engage every citizen of India to enthusiastically become a part of our initiative and help us in spreading a million smiles.” Through the mattress exchange program by SpringFit, people can not only put their old mattresses to use but also purchase new mattresses at special offers.”

Seeing it beyond a mattress exchange program, this is an opportunity to help the underprivileged people across India to sleep peacefully at night,” says Gupta.

S. K. Malhotra, the Director of Sales and Marketing, says “The mattress exchange program #LetsGiveSleep has begun at a great pace already, with a large number of generous hearts marching in the stores to get their old mattresses exchanged and for lending support to the homeless”. The veteran of the mattress industry adds, “SpringFit hopes to make their nights better and comfortable. The success of this initiative can be gauged by the fact that #LetsGiveSleep was trending all over India on Twitter when this initiative started.