Technex, the annual techno-management fest of IIT (BHU) Varanasi, and E-Cell, the institute body promoting entrepreneurship inside the campus, are up with the 2k19 edition of Startup Fair! It is the biggest national convention for young entrepreneurs and one of the most quintessential event categories conducted under the umbrella of Technex – Asia’s oldest techno-management fest with a humongous footfall of over 20,000.

This fourth edition of Startup Fair has three major divisions:

  1. Ventura:
    :: A two-round event where teams with an innovative idea and a potential B-Plan compete.
    :: A perfect platform where one can get their business ideas evaluated by experienced judges.
    :: Prize money worth up to 50,000 are at stake!
  2. Startup Battle:
    :: An ultimate competition exclusively for early stage startups with an established business and revenue model with their products launched into the market.
    :: A perfect platform to pitch your startup in front of an eminent panel and to have one-on-one networking with some of the stalwarts of the field.
    :: Prize money worth 1.5 Lakhs at stake!
  3. Intern connect:
    :: It serves as an excellent platform to connect young and nascent startups with highly skilled participants of the nation’s biggest techno-management fest.
    :: An opportunity for the participants too, to learn and grow by working in a startup.

Other major perks include:
:: Whopping prize money worth up to 2 lakhs.
:: Possibility of investment and incubation from the panelists, through Networking session with various stalwarts of the field.
:: The winning team gets entitled to free legal assistance for their startup and incubation for a brief period.
:: Stall space will be provided for each participating startup to showcase their product.
:: Startups participating in Startup Battle gets direct entry to Intern Connect event.

So, with a reach of over 5,00,000 people through their campus ambassadors in more than 300 colleges, an active Facebook page and YouTube Channel, this opportunity could prove to be a great boon for the young budding entrepreneurs. So save your dates for this entrepreneurial extravaganza!!

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