For those who love travelling, but are troubled by the hectic catering of travel equipment, this travel jacket is a perfect match. VERSATYL is a revolutionary innovation in travel jackets which can entirely change your travel experience.

This Startup Introduces a Revolutionary Travel Jacket That Can Fulfill All The Traveling Needs

It comes from Saneen Javali, an EX-IBM Engineer and founder of Emirate Fashions Pvt. Ltd. VERSATYL combines form with function. It is made of wrinkle-free and water resistant material due to which your equipment could be stored in it, without any worries.


It also comes with 29 unique features, including 18 functional pockets and storage compartments which can store everything from pens to iPads, along with these pockets, it also includes a removable hoodie, retractable gloves, side vents for warm days and a special “carry all” pocket at the back, which can be used to fold the jacket and carry it around like a sling pouch. This special pocket doubles as a massive storage space when the jacket is worn.

Key features of VERSATYL are:

  • 2 napoleon chest pockets for IDs/Cards/Money/Passport
  • 1 Upper Arm pocket for keys/change/essentials
  • 2 Forearm pockets for keys/change/essentials
  • 2 hand warming pockets
  • Earphone loops
  • Pen holder pocket
  • Mini torch or bottle holder
  • Phone pocket
  • Portable charger pouch
  • Compact camera pouch
  • Tablet or Document slider
  • Wallet pocket
  • Headphone or USB pocket
  • Sunglass loop + pouch
  • Carry pocket at the back


They noticed that most travel jackets in the market were highly overpriced, they mainly emphasized on style and had limited features. So, in order to provide the travel lovers with an economic and multi utility travel jacket, they came up with VERSATYL. They launched it on 20th November 2016 and is available in the general market for only 3500 INR and at crowd funding platform,, it is available for 1999 INR. It can also be pre-ordered at The reason behind it being economic is because they have their own manufacturing unit in Bangalore and this is their area of Expertise. For now it is available in 4 colors.

Saneen Javali, Founder - VERSATYL
Saneen Javali, Founder – VERSATYL

Even when they started their 1st campaign on with very little marketing on whatsapp and facebook, they were surprised to find that over 100 jackets were pre-ordered in just 2 days and over 500 jackets were booked in 15 days. And so in a span of 45 days, over 1000 pieces were ordered. And so far they have received amazing feedback from the customers.

Shahidullah Khan, Digital Marketing Head - VERSATYL
Shahidullah Khan, Digital Marketing Head – VERSATYL

After looking at the 1st campaign results they are excited about the 2nd campaign which starts on 1st February. VERSATYL has now become India’s most crowd funded jacket and this time, they will be introducing more color variants. They will also be coming up with new designs of Multi-Utility Jackets with multiple pockets and features and in six months, they plan to make VERSATYL a global brand.

John Kumar, Business Development Head - VERSATYL
John Kumar, Business Development Head – VERSATYL

More details about this startup:
Name of Startup: VERSATYL
Key members:

  • Saneen Javali, Founder
  • Shahidullah Khan, Digital Marketing Head
  • John Kumar, Business Development Head

Launch Date: 20th November 2016
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India