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This Startup Works to Build, Support, Connect and Supports Ventures of Students

This Startup Works to Build, Support, Connect and Supports Ventures of Students

We are publishing an interview of Mr. Shubham Kumar, Founder and CEO of Lean Track – A Startup that works to build, support, connect and supports ventures of students.

Shubham Kumar - Founder and CEO of The Lean Track
Shubham Kumar – Founder and CEO of Lean Track

About the founders: There are four founders of  Lean Track.

  • Shubham Kumar – Community Builder/ Business Analyst and CEO. Shubham is excellent in networking and building an amazing community of student startups and consulting them with their business models and formulating startup cases. Founded the startup after realising very less opportunities for student startups in the country.
  • Shivil Sahni – PR and Networking Head and COO. Shivil helps out the venture with his amazing networks and PR skills. He is able to bring in strong industrial networks to the venture and provide valuable input into the product. He also handles the event management of the venture. Met Shivil while networking for The Lean Track (Our Startup) who instantly associated with the idea.
  • Tanmay Singh – CTO. Tanmay Singh is a wonderful tech guy being a full stack developer and an amazing graphic designer. He is building a strong tech product for the venture which forms the backbone of the venture. Met Tanmay in same college and had previously worked together in Entrepreneurship Cell of NSIT.
  • Vibhu Bhatia – Data/ Business Analyst. Vibhu has great analytical skills being analysing data or bringing in valuable inputs to businesses. He is also a backend developer and also assists in building of the tech product.

What is the problem you are trying to solve?  
We are trying to support Student Startups in the country. We feel that there are a lot of student ventures emerging but very less actual facilities provided to help them be successful. These ventures require an additional support because these founders are students by day and entrepreneurs by night. This problem is a big enough problem considering the number of student ventures that are successful compared to the large number of student ventures that are launched. We work on the principals of Build, Support and Connect and try to help these startups free of cost (Not for Profit) and help them be successful.

What is the uniqueness about your Startup? 
We support student startup by mentoring and community building, building a community of successful student startups as well as creating a question answering forum for aspiring entrepreneurs answered by top level mentors and investors. This is one of a kind portal In India which supports exclusively student startups and entrepreneurs. We intend to be facebook for startups and quora for aspiring student entrepreneurs. One hood solutions for all student ventures.

What is the revenue model? Explain your thought process. 
We will start sharing equity for induction into our community programme for mutual growth. We already have conducted various events in Delhi-NCR which have been pretty successful.

We feel that all the revenue we generate should be put back into the community for the welfare of the community startups and thus, we in future look to establish LEANTRACK SEEDFUND which will be a seed fund for our community startups.

Who are the consumers that you are targeting? How is this going to affect them? 
We are targeting all the aspiring student entrepreneurs and student ventures who aren’t able to work full time on their ventures.

We have collaborated with top level industry mentors, Investor networks, entrepreneurs and coworking. By the support of our associate partners and inherent consulting and mentoring from LeanTrack, we plan to help aspiring entrepreneurs set up their ventures and help student ventures be successful by either getting funded or accelerated into a bigger programme or getting operational and earning revenue.

What is the big picture of your startup? 
Our vision is to create the biggest community for student startups in India and expand it in trans pacific region owing to our mentors in Australia and other countries.

We have some other future projects coming up disrupting entrepreneurship at the root school levels and creating entrepreneurs for the future in India and creating a world impact.

This Startup Works to Build, Support, Connect and Supports Ventures of Students Free of Cost

Any other information about your startup that you would like to share with us. 
Leantrack has been featured in Youths Era and BusinessWorld Disrupt. Currently we have 10 startups within our community and have mentored over 50 spiring student entrepreneurs.

Me and Member Shivil Sahni have been selected to present Leantrack in Next Gen Summit’17 New York in June. We plan to collaborate with overseas mentors and Next Gen Summit to create fantastic opportunities for our community startups. We will be completing our class of 25 startups by April End and will look to add new startups by early August.

Leantrack is also looking to launch its campaign of ” Females In Entrepreneurship” providing additional support to female students to setup their own ventures.

Thanks Mr. Shubham. Best of luck!