Hyderabad, 22​ November 2018: T-Hub and Slush partnered to organize India’s first ever ‘Slush Small Talks’ in Hyderabad on November 22, 2018. T-Hub is one of the world’s leading startup engines that powers entrepreneurship, scale, and deal flow. Slush is a student-driven, not-for-profit movement which facilitates meetings between investors, startups and the global startup community, and hosts one of the largest startup and tech events in the world with 20,000 attendees every year in Helsinki, Finland.

This collaboration adds fuel to the fast-emerging relationship between Indian and European startup ecosystems. The event brought together tech entrepreneurs, corporates, investors and innovators all under one roof, and focused on growth, scaling and user acquisition.

Commenting on this first ever collaboration with Slush, Srinivas Kollipara, CEO of T-Hub said, “T-Hub is happy to bring such a great tech startup event to India as part of its commitment to nurture and support entrepreneurs in India. Hosting such events gives startups access to global knowledge from successful Founders and helps them to scale their own businesses. We look forward to bringing more such opportunities for the ecosystem.”

The event’s sessions included an exclusive gathering, where startup founders and executives got the opportunity to witness fireside chats and panel discussion. Startups got insights from seasoned entrepreneurs on how they lead a team which is scaling at a fast pace and how they grabbed their first thousand customers. Attendees also got to hear stories from emerging Indian startups and their European counterparts. The event closed with a vibrant party allowing people to freely network and mingle.

Commenting on the success of the event, Alexander Pihlainen, President of Slush said “It was incredible to see a gathering of brilliant founders, investors, tech executives and entrepreneurial minded students for yet another Slush event. This event helped us in achieving long-term collaboration for the advancement of Indian tech startups. These kind of meetups with ton of valuable knowledge and connects for the entrepreneurs is exactly what Slush Small Talks is all about.”

“Hyderabad hosts largest offices for Amazon, Google, Apple and Uber outside the US and has been increasingly named as the new go-to-city for many Indian entrepreneurs to start their companies. That’s why the Hyderabad’s vibrant startup scene has been in our radar for some time and it feels great to finally be here!”, he added.

Key takeaways from the event also included strategies on how to choose a new market, setting a go-to-market strategy, scaling an engineering team and how startups can grow along with tech giants. These discussions exposed Indian entrepreneurs to the strategies of success that is leveraged by most billion-dollar companies from the Silicon Valley.

The startups got the opportunity to attend sessions by globally successful founders like ​Peter Vesterbacka​,former Mighty Eagle at ​Rovio​- the makers of Angry Birds; ​Adibeli Nduka-Agwu​, Director of International Growth at ​Blinkist​;​Gourish Sinla​,Chief Strategy Officer of ​Shivom​;​Otso Rasimus​,Founder of ​Valohai​; ​Oriol Plana Masiques​,Co-Founder & CCO of HiGuests & Rentors​and ​Sudeep Patnaik ​,Country Manager of ​Trivago​- India among others. There were sessions designed with Tata and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) as well for early stage startups on challenges and opportunities for Indian startups in the Fintech space and on how to scale startup quickly. Attendees can stay connected and further strengthen their network post the event too through Brella matchmaking app. This year, Slush hosted similar Small Talks events for founders in ​Stockholm​, Berlin​, London and will be hosting in Paris post this event. It hosts more than 70 events every year and is operating in 29 countries globally.

About T-Hub:
T-Hub is one of the world’s leading startup engines that powers entrepreneurship, scale and deal flow. Incorporated in Hyderabad, India, in 2015, it has provided over 400 national and international startups with access to mentors, customers, corporates, investors and government agencies. T-Hub is on a mission to scale startups globally, offering entrepreneurs a world-class platform to help them generate revenue and get access to new customers, capital and markets. T-Hub supercharges corporate innovation by enabling an out-of-the-box approach, works with investors to enhance deal flow, and helps governments to implement and improve their startup initiatives.

About Slush:
Slush is the world’s leading start-up event. In 2018, Slush is organized in Helsinki on December 4–5. Globally, Slush is also organized in Tokyo, Shanghai and Singapore. In total, Slush events are organized in over 30 countries in 2018.