Every robust firm starts with an idea and every idea starts with a decision to try, the rest then becomes what we call a success story. With Promising entrepreneurship in start-up level, Team Techspardha presents, Ideator : The Business Plan Competition. It is a perfect platform to brace and cultivate your idea and it is positioned to be one of the biggest consortiums on startups in Haryana state.

Techspardha, NIT KKR to Host Ideator : The B-plan Competition

It’s a single day event consisting of two rounds. First the Teams have to submit a 10 slide PowerPoint presentation of their startup idea to ideator.ts17@gmail.com before 12th Januray’17. After proper brainstorming the selected teams will make it to the Final presentation round that will take place at NIT Kurukshetra campus during Techspardha from 19-22nd January’17. These teams will have a wonderful opportunity to pitch their startup idea in front of venture capitalists and angel investors and they may get a chance to raise funding so that they can convert their idea into a real business venture.

So if you’ve got an amazing idea which is bound to revolutionize your niche, or even the entire industry? Then don’t limit your ideas to a dream, make a plan and pitch it in front of potential investors.

WEB: www.techspardha.org
APP: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nitkkr.gawds.tech17