Mumbai, August 14, 2019: Having executed hugely viral campaigns for various cultural and social events in India including Independence Day in the past, the benchmark for Truebil, India’s leading auto-tech company was pretty much set. It was to create something unique, something never done before. Something, that was sure to garner attention from the audience. While of course, amidst this they made sure that whatever they create was relevant to their brand in some way.

Truebil Makes People Rethink The Meaning Of Freedom

At Truebil, they believe occasions such as Independence Day, isn’t just about spreading brand awareness but also about driving a strong positive message to educate the audience. With everything that is going on in the country, the meaning of freedom has truly been lost. In a bid to address the same, Truebil initiated a campaign to make people truly rethink the meaning of freedom again. Truebil’s big idea was quite simple: Making Independence Day an occasion to celebrate Free India.

The freedom in this country is most abused on the streets. The very own streets that are named after our brave freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives to gift freedom to this country. Truebil’s campaign #TrueFreedom is conceptualized in a manner that make viewers understand that somewhere honoring the freedom fighters, and their sacrifices begins with honoring the streets.

Sharing an insight into this campaign, Shubh Bansal, Co-Founder, Truebil remarked, “Often as marketers we forget the true essence of an important occasion such as Independence Day. But with this campaign we ensured the true essence and values of freedom and independence was effectively portrayed through our film, driving a strong social message.”

The entire campaign is executed in house with a creative team of 4-5 members, right from conceptualization, and its execution, within a weeks’ time with a tight budget in hand. With this campaign in action, Truebil demonstrates how it is learning to ace the art of branded content films.