Ceaseless click-clacks of the laptops, hurly-burly of the world outside and the round-the-clock buzzing of phones have become the new reality for us.  We’re constantly distracted, our to-do lists never seem to end, and stress is the new normal. The mind is always on, and just like any other machine without downtime, it quickly leads to burn out! Unfortunately, we’re the only repairmen who can fix ourselves–no other technician will do!

When you live the life of a successful businesswoman or that of a fearless entrepreneur- you’re signing up for a lot of uninvited pressure/distress. The success or decline of your venture is always a sword hanging on your head, and most entrepreneurs have deep-rooted belief systems that make them equate hard work with success. Newfound research claims the exact opposite! It’s now proven that entrepreneurs who take frequent breaks not only during the day but during the year are far more successful than those who push deadlines non-stop.   around the globe are regularly quoted as saying how their best ideas come to them during their “off” time.

Here are 5 ways I use to avoid burnout (mind you, just before that maddening deadline!):

  1. Digital detox: When you are the head of an organization, you are riddled with responsibility. Your over-ambitiousness to stay ‘available’ and ‘approachable’ can get taxing for you. But that’s the moment you have to completely stay away from your gadgets. Disconnecting from the reel world is actually a step closer to delving deep within yourself. Take this little plunge and keep that gadget out of your mind and sight for a while. At night especially, set a time when you will not look at your gadgets- NO MATTER WHAT. Also remember, there is nothing as important as your health. Unless you’re fine, you can’t conduct that meeting, right? (You already have the right answer).
  • Meditate: No matter what the question, meditation is the only answer! My morning routine isn’t complete without meditation, and another short one once before I begin work. Unless you settle down the chaos that’s in your head, nothing on the outside will help you. That’s why meditation can help in deepening the ability to focus as well as help you in understanding the needs of your organization better.
  • Mini- retreats: As an entrepreneur, the biggest fear can be that of losing your focus and getting distracted from your dreams. To shoo away this fear, you may be constantly wanting to stay updated. Every minute that you take a break from work, you may be checking the posts by your competitor. But you know what? It’s actually killing the fire inside and distressing you endlessly. TAKE A BREAK. When you go back home, just live in the present and cut the cycle of work. Maybe you should opt for weekend getaways or stay-at-home retreats that can go-to hygge at home!
  • Hobbies please: Here’s a secret: Anytime you distract yourself from major life or work problems by doing even something simple you love, suddenly the solutions seem to just “pop” into your head. It could be something as easy as a walk, listening to music, reading, cooking, or a full-time hobby like sailing. But this single most important thing you can do for yourself and your organization is: do something different! And do it guilt-free knowing that those wheels in your head are still running in the background–in fact, you’re giving them space to truly think!
  • Communicate with your team:  Your team is your strength in any venture. Know everyone’s weakness, strong points, and use it to delegate efficiently. Train and strategize seeing everyone’s opinions as valuable. Allow for growth and creativity. Keep the flow alive by always staying connected to key team members. If every wheel in the machine is well oiled, it will run smoothly. As a leader, if one can ensure this, then work becomes much easier! Then you can take that break without another thought!

– An article by Pinky Daga, CEO, Thriive Art & Soul

Pinky Daga, CEO of Thriive Art & Soul
Pinky Daga, CEO of Thriive Art & Soul

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