Hyderabad: With the vision to bring world-class infant care to your infants, YourBabySpa seeks franchise partners in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad. Your Baby Spa specializes in offering a relaxing space for newborns in a womb environment. Monitored by neonatal experts, child development specialists, and pediatric doctors, YourBabySpa uses Hydrotherapy and infant massage to kids as young as two days old – the Spa facilities can be accessed by the infants until they turn six months old.

While the infants receive best-in-class care and pampering, mothers can relax, read a book or listen to soothing music, while watching their little ones have the time of their life. Cocooned in surroundings that are created to resemble the womb, infants let go of their stressors, relax, and gear up to explore the plethora of stimulus rhythm, cardiac rhythm, and overall health, thus resulting in the development of a happy and a healthy baby.

Launched in October 2018 in India, YourBabySpa has been garnering immense support from parents across the city of Hyderabad. YourBabySpa aspires to change the way Indian families care for their infants in the nascent stage – he most stressful period for babies and parents alike. To ensure that every new born in the country has access to this world-class facility, YourBabySpa is gearing up to offer franchise-model partnership to anyone who meets all the standards set by the founding members of YourBabySpa.

As YourBabySpa deals with infants, their health, and well-being, it is important for all the franchise partners to meet the global standard set by the founders, who upon finding the right members will help them to set up and manage their own Your Baby Spa centre before the next calendar year. A YourBabySpa franchise is an opportunity to transform and shape the life of the next generation within a few days since they arrive on earth. In short, you would have the opportunity to deliver invaluable service to thousands of parents and kids and fill their hearts with joy and life with health. All this while you earn attractive returns on your investment.

The top-notch facilities that YourBabySpa offers would contribute to the infant’s well-rounded development, which is otherwise induced with an excessive amount of stress. The neonatal experts at YourBabySpa would care and pamper the little one like a mother would and ensure that the child thrives in the tear-free space, where the little one’s comfort, well-being, and individual needs are understood and met.

“The service we provide has immeasurably helped many beautiful babies and new parents in Hyderabad over the past few months. We are excited to be able to offer this service to thousands of other families across the country. Our future franchise network will allow our partners to use our techniques, care for the babies, and ensure that the little ones are strong and healthy for the rest of their lives. The techniques we use are scientifically tested and have been in practise for several decades now, and have been proven to help your little one remain cheerful, healthy, and enjoy their childhood”.