New Delhi, March 30, 2020: One amongst India’s fastest-growing green tech start-ups, Zypp, announced its foray in battery swapping to facilitate electric mobility. As part of the latest development, Zypp has installed 15 swapping stations across Gurgaon. As a consequence, more users will now be able to confidently opt for EVs, without worrying about the range of battery coverage.

Zypp Battery Swapping Station

Despite its environment-friendly attribute, limited charging infrastructure for EVs has been a key impediment to its mainstream adoption. With the battery swapping alternative, users will no longer have to wait to charge batteries or stress about discovering the charging stations that are few and far between. With the latest development, users can simply opt for a battery swap option via the Zyppapp and get a swap within 3 minutes and continue to ride e-bikes for another 75kms without breaking.

Commenting on the latest development, Rashi Agarwal, Co-Founder of Zypp said, “At Zypp, we are driven with a vision of enabling greener and futuristic means of everyday commute through Zypp e-scooters serving the delivery segment who have a 100-120km running requirement daily. For long, users have refrained from taking to EVs due to limited charging infrastructure. Driven to change that, we have installed 20 battery swapping stations across key hot-spots in Gurgaon. Through battery swapping, users can hit the roads in just three minutes for another 75kms. We are affirmative that the same would help more users take on electric mobility, especially with the growing emphasis on solo commuting options,delivery segment and look forward to an affirmative response.”

With the launch of Zypp Battery Swapping stations, the green tech start-up has resolved the challenge of charging infrastructure that also could have limited a user’s trip. Fitted with IoT locks, Lithium Ion batteries, Zypp e-bikes can be hired remotely via the app. Upon completion of the trip, users need to park these e-scooters in the Zypp parking points only which ensures complete safety of these scooters at all times.

In the present times of social isolation, Zypp e-scooters make it easier for users to travel solo in a greener way while avoiding means of public transportation and also is giving essential good services companies like Zomato, Swiggy an electric way to deliver when fuel is becoming scarce due to supply chain issues. Now with battery swapping stations available in the vicinity, more number of delivery riders, homeowners, guards, college students, young professionals and others would be willing to take on electric mobility solutions presented by Zypp.