Mumbai, January 22, 2021: In a bid to strengthen the Indian startup ecosystem, 100X.VC has announced 10 seed-stage startups that are now a part of its Class 03 portfolio. The startups were handpicked from 1,677 applications, out of which, 303 applicants had passed the meticulous initial diligence process.

The names were officially revealed at the VC Pitch Day on the 21st of January, 2021, which was attended by more than 500+ investors, corporate houses, angels, and family houses. Additionally, the repeat session today on 22nd should witness the same number. The innovation-led VC firm has driven the investments worth INR 25 lakh to each of the selected startups via founder-friendly iSAFE notes. iSAFE (India Simple Agreement for Equity) notes were launched in 2019 by and have now become a popular investment instrument for early-stage startups across the industry.

Leading up to the VC Pitch Day, the portfolio companies interacted closely with the team at 100X.VC as part of their finishing school – attending 100+ hours of Masterclass sessions by 50+ expert mentors, industry veterans, successful founders, and venture capitalists who shared their in-depth insights about the startup ecosystem. A few topics addressed Product-Market fit.

The Class 03 Portfolio companies include, Accio Robotics, Kerala Banana Chips, BurnCal, Solvio, DCode Care, Cora, SaleAssist, Vecros Technologies, and MicroDegree. They belong to multiple categories including Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, F&B, EdTech, SaaS, and Healthcare alongside others.

Speaking on the development, Ninad Karpe, Partner at 100X.VC said, “2021 is off to a good start. After receiving and reviewing 1677 applications for Class 03, we carefully selected only 10 startups. Each startup has a unique breakthrough idea which has the potential to scale into a globally successful business. These startups can impact India significantly by improving the standard of living and changing our outlook to work and life.

At 100x, we were focused on mentoring, advising, and exposing the founders of these startups to masterclasses to convert their product ideas into a fundable business. For our Pitch Day, we are seeing enormous investor from India and around the world from investors wanting to be part of the extraordinary opportunity offered by these startups.”

Class 03 Portfolio Companies:

1. ( – Bengaluru helps content creators reach 8 Bn people in the world with just one click by translating videos and podcasts into 40+ languages through their proprietary deep learning models.
Sector: Artificial Intelligence

2.   Accio Robotics ( – ChennaiAccio Robotics provides hardware solutions in the form of Automated Mobile Robot platforms and Collaborative Bots for various industrial applications in the warehousing, hospitality, and healthcare sectors. 
Sector: Robotics

3.   Kerala Banana Chips  ( – CochinKerala Banana Chips is a plant-based savoury snack company that makes “better for you” category banana chips for the millennials.
Sector: Food & Beverages

4.   BurnCal  ( – AhmedabadBurnCal is an AI-based platform built to create a direct line of engagement between you and your own fitness & wellness coach, making personal fitness training accessible and affordable for everyone.
Sector: Health & Fitness

5. ( – is an AI-based deep education technology company building the core components for understanding, analyzing, and auto-grading student answers.
Sector: Edtech

6.  DCode Care ( – BengaluruDCode Care assists patients with chronic illnesses (such as cancer) discover which doctors and hospitals are best-fit for their clinical condition based on the patient’s initial clinical assessment through their proprietary expert recommendation engine.
Sector: Healthcare

7.   Cora ( – BengaluruCora HealthCare is a healthcare marketplace that combines medical and lifestyle interventions to deliver products that are personalized through content discovery and recommendations by influencers. 
Sector: Healthcare

8.  SaleAssist ( – GurugramSaleAssist provides a multi-channel AI-based solution for e-commerce businesses to enhance customer engagement through the power of affordable, automated video technology.
Sector: B2B SaaS

9.   Vecros Technologies ( – New DelhiVecros is building a new standard for drone operations in industrial AI applications that centralizes surveillance, optimizing, and provides enhanced stack and fleet management for enterprises with their proprietary vision-based navigation and other algorithms.
Sector: Drone Tech

10.   MicroDegree ( – MangaluruMicro Degree is a training academy that teaches coding and job-ready skills in vernacular medium to overcome the English language barrier to learn programming.
Sector: Edtech

With the closure of its VC Pitch Day, 100X.VC has marked the start of its Class 04 investment drive. This year, 100X.VC plans to invest INR 25 crores across 100 startups to unlock the true growth potential of the Indian seed-stage startups. All founders/startups are invited to send in their pitch decks to