Mumbai | 22nd January 2021: Cube Wealth, a tech-first global investment service, announces that it has crossed INR 100 Crore Assets Under Managementsince its inception in 2018. The company, through its award-winning wealth creation app, handles user portfolios from over 100 citiesand 10 countriesacross the globe, including India, UAE, Malaysia, Singapore and the USA, among others.

Cube simplifies wealth creation for busy professionals; a niche that is underserved and often mis sold poor options. This is done by giving users high-qualityhandpicked assetsand access to expert financial advice. Cube assigns capable Wealth Coaches for user support that extends beyond the app as well. 

The app shows curated investment options instead of inducing analysis paralysis by listing every option under the sun. To ensure Cube users get only high-quality options they work with proven Financial Advisorswith an excellent track record. These are advisors who usually advise only the ultra-rich and were beyond a regular investors’ reach before Cube Wealth. What’s truly unique is that Cube team members put their money where their mouth is by investing their personal money into every investment option that is displayed on the app. 

It’s no surprise then that despite market volatility, during the initial months of the pandemic most Cube users had stable portfolios. While the year was rocky the Perfect Portfolioapproach taken by Cube helped users avoid major fluctuations in their portfolios. Cube saw a 50% increase in overall usersin November 2020 compared to just 6 months ago. As of today, Cube has 1000+ portfolioswith an average portfolio value standing at a healthy INR 800,000+.


Highlighting Cube’s growth journey, Satyen Kothari, Founder & CEO, Cube Wealth said “Investing without adequate knowledge can be disastrous. Cube launched in 2018 with the very mission to help busy professionals grow their hard earned wealth in a simplified manner. We leverage the best of technology with expert human advice to make this possible. Our users are people who are serious about their money and are not looking for get-rich-quick investments or starting small INR 500 SIPs. Cube works with a strategy that aligns with people’s goals and earnings.”

He added “In the last two years, we have launched some of the most exciting services for our users, such as investing in global stocks, blockchain-based rewards, premium subscription and more. At Cube, we time the market beforehand so as to provide the best of asset classes and expert advice.”

Cube intends to bring in an unprecedented level of transparency and integrity into the fintech space. In line with this, the brand has established the “Cube Oath”: a promise that reminds users that when you invest using Cube Wealth you can trust that you will experience honesty. Read the Cube Oath here: