Hiring the right people is critical to any startup. This is because the initial hires will form the backbone of the business as the company grows. Finding the right people will lead to a startup’s success. However, one of your hiring strategies should be to fill some key positions first before hiring the rest of the team. Let’s see what positions they are.

5 Critical Positions You Need to Hire First for a Startup

5 Key Positions You Need to Hire First

1. Marketing Executive: The marketing executive has to market your products in the right manner so that they reach the target audience. Hire someone who has expertise in multiple areas of marketing. Roles and responsibilities include:

  • Knowledge of Email marketing, employer branding, and PR
  • Understands SEO basics and web design
  • Has experience in events as the marketer needs to make your company look good in public appearances. He should also be able to design promotional materials and manage event details.

2. Business Development Manager: A Business Development Manager is usually the first point of contact a new potential client has with your business. He also needs to respond to tenders and develop sales in new territories. Hire someone who has a background in data analytics and number crunching. This qualification will help them sift through data and learn how the business can reduce expenses. It will also help them target customers more efficiently.

3. Account Manager: Next comes the account manager when you are hiring for startups. He acts as the lead point of contact for all things pertaining to your account. The job responsibilities include:

  • Customer account management,
  • Building strong and long-lasting client relationships,
  • Negotiating contracts and agreements to maximize profits

He should develop advisor relationships with key accounts and stakeholders. He also needs to ensure there is timely delivery of the customers’ products.

4. Manager of Operations: The operations manager is responsible for managing accounting, invoicing, finances, and business filings. He must also look after employee and day-to-day operations. The responsibilities include:

  • Training employees to complete the required operations processes and setting their schedules,
  • Managing invoices, approval of expenditure, tax payments, bookkeeping, and various financial matters,
  • Ensuring continuous operations throughout the company through close supervision,
  • Designing business processes that support the continuous operations of the company.

The operations manager must be organized, quality-driven, process-driven, and focused on efficiency.

5. Product Managers and Engineers: If you are a tech startup, you need product managers and engineers. They help in creating your product and perfecting them. They are also tasked with identifying the market gaps and opportunities to keep the business competitive in the market. The responsibilities of Product Managers and Engineers include:

  • Defining the products and users, and planning the reach out strategy for the product,
  • Champion the product and new ideas that can take the product to the next level. They need to coordinate with all the stakeholders of the product, such as the sales and marketing team.
  • Manage all the ideas and data and prioritize every task. This allows the technical, sales, marketing, and design teams to be clear about their current and upcoming goals.
  • Innovate and continuously measure anything that has an impact on critical business decisions.

The right kind of startup hiring has the power to propel your business significantly. Prioritize these roles at the early stages and then work on growing the company.

Author Bio: Kelly Barcelos is a progressive digital marketing manager for Jobsoid – Applicant Tracking System. She is responsible for leading the content and social media teams at work. Her expertise and experience in the field of HR enables her to create value-driven content for her readers – both on Jobsoid’s blog and other guest blogs where she publishes content regularly.