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Analytics Insight Publishes Data Science Education Review in India 2021

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Chander Sood
Chander Sood
Digital marketing professional.

Hyderabad, India | 11th January 2021: Analytics Insight has published ‘Data Science Education Review 2021’, India’s first magazine issue to analyse the complete data science education ecosystem in the country.

The yearly issue provides a compressive analysis of different players in the Indian data science education industry. It explores major developments in data science with a primary objective of helping everyone in the value chain, from students to institutions, and recruiters.

The magazine issue covers:

  • The Indian Data Science Education industry analysis with market size (2020-25), segmented into Online and On-campus program revenues.
  • Government policies, investments and initiatives to boost data science education.
  • Overview and rankings of 325 data science institutes covering Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD., Executive and Online Programs with their fee structure.
  • The Indian Big Data Analytics industry market size and forecast (2020-25).
  • The current recruitment landscape in India, top big data analytics roles and salaries, number of open positions and estimates till 2025.
  • Top 50 recruiters in India offering big data analytics roles with highest, lowest and median salaries.

Additionally, the magazine includes growth drivers, opportunities and challenges that will influence the data science education market ahead. This will help institutes and companies to strategize and leverage on all forthcoming growth opportunities in the industry.

Data science is set to drive radical changes in the education sector. These developments are clear in the ways education institutes are governed, course quality is overseen and students participation and performance are managed. Moreover, companies across almost every industry are looking to acquire skilled and qualified talent who can transform business processes with innovative solutions. As a result, academia, governments and organizations must come together to support these future minds with the right education to boost economic growth. 

‘Data Science Education Review in India’ is the first such publication in which fundamental data science research and education intersect directly with societally-important developments from industry and governments. We aim to define and shape data science as a scientifically rigorous and multidisciplinary field highlighting the importance of everyone in data science and data science for everyone”, says Ashish Sukhadeve, Founder and CEO, Analytics Insight.

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